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Telltale announces new survival game, 7 Days to Die

Telltale has released details about its upcoming survival game, 7 Days to Die!After teasing fans for a while on Twitter they announced that the game will, in fact, be ready and out during June of this year for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

GTA V meets The Walking Dead

When your favorite character literally comes to life on your favorite TV show, you have a great excuse to keep watching.Steven Ogg, the voice actor for Trevor Phillips off of Grand Theft Auto V, has come to be in full form on the popular TV series The Walking Dead!

Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse review: Civilization meets The Walking Dead

Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse is a turn-based strategy game developed and published by Emilios Manolidis.At the start of the game the player only has small map size available to them.

7 Days to Die Comes to PS4 Soon

Disappointed that you can't play more games that feature both survival and crafting on your favorite console?In collaboration with Telltale Publishing and Iron Galaxy, 7 Days to Die dev The Fun Pimps is ready to bring the game to another system.

Zombies map The Giant available for standalone purchase

Remake of Zombies map De Riese, The Giant map is now available for purchase on Steam.Though the map was first announced as part of special Collector Editions and would only accessible to Season Pass owners, now players may purchase "The Giant" at their leisure for $5.