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Here's the rumoured match card for WWE Payback

Because Payback is a Mel Gibson movie from 1999 that I still regularly watch because of my Lucy Liu crush.According to SEScoops, here’s what the current match card looks like for Payback: That’s a fab line-up already.

WWE 2K17 News: Brie Bella And Bray Wyatt Have Been Scanned

As reported by SmackDownHotel, pictures of Brie Bella and Bray Wyatt have been posted by Pixelgun Studio.It’s worth mentioning Sasha Banks was scanned early last year but was sadly not featured in WWE 2K16.

Goldberg to Appear in WWE 2K17 as Pre-order Bonus

According to the WWE 2K website, pre-ordering the game will grant gamers two playable editions of the Superstar.These include a WWE edition of Goldberg with black and white shorts and a WCW edition with black tights.

How Does Painting Play into the WWE 2K17 E3 Roster Reveal?

During this year's E3, Rob Schamberger will reveal WWE 2K17 roster members by painting them.The WWE 2K website has announced a unique method of revealing WWE 2K17 roster members.

When and How Can You Play WWE 2K16 for Free on Xbox One

According to the Xbox Wire, Xbox Live Gold members can play WWE 2K16 for free on Xbox One from June 16 to June 19.The game will also be available for a "special promotional price" during the week after the free period concludes.

WWE Champions Guide: Fusing Wrestlers Into Superstars

In this guide, we'll take a look at how fusing wrestlers and superstar posters with wrestlers and superstars already in your roster can bring massive dividends to your wrestling game -- sometimes even for free.As you're playing WWE Champions, you'll find that through loot, mission rewards, and road-to-glory prizes, you'll also come into the possession of various wrestler posters.