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Fallout 4 wins the BAFTA for best game at this year’s awards

Well, there are more awards yet – and the British Academy of Film and Television (and not games) has dished out awards to games.And The Witcher 3 has won…nothing.

Why The Witcher 3 didn't completely win me over...

Although "The Witcher 3" is a great game, I have a lot of problems with the main quest.It was the feeling I had a day after completing the main quest that made me scratch my head.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine map size revealed...and it's huge

A recent interview with CD Projekt Red has shed some more light on the upcoming Witcher 3 content Blood and Wine, and all signs point to this being one beast of an expansion.Considering that the entirety of the Skellige Isles comprised half of The Witcher's world, give or take, Toussant is sounding like a hefty landmass gamers will have a chance to explore.