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DOOM Open Beta begins today

It is available to all players, and is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.The beta will consist of two maps, Heatwave and Infernal, and two playing modes, 6v6 Team Deathmatch and Warpath.

Hyper Light Drifter weapons guide

Here's the weapon guide so you can harm, maim, and blow them to smithereens first.The world is dangerous to say the least, so here's a guide to all the weapons in the game.

What Strange New Weapons Await You In Fallout 4's New DLC?

Mysterious new adventures await you in Fallout 4's creepy DLC.This weapon makes perfect sense, giving Far Harbor's theme and setting seem to be heavily centered around boats, the sea, and the people who depend on them.

Portal Knights new update

The quality of communications for this game and the ability to enable and disable target locking was the main feedback from players.In response to the feedback, the update focuses on controller support, optional target locking and other upgrades.

DOOM's First Post-Release Update Adds Photo Mode, Classic Weapon Placement Option

The first update for the new DOOM will include a new Photo Mode, as well as the option to place the weapon in the center of the screen.In addition to general improvements and fixes for various bugs, the update includes two big additions -- a Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots, and an option to place the weapon in the center of the screen, in a nod to the classic games in the series.

Quick n' dirty Starbound 1.0 weapon overview guide

A quick and dirty overview guide covering the types of weapons you can find and use in Starbound.There's pretty much something for everybody in the game's nearly infinite weapon stockpile.

The Infamous Thorn Returns in Destiny: Rise of Iron

The very mention of this weapon's name can spark rage.A large portion of the Destiny community still suffers from Thorn PTSD, myself included.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Finding the Shotgun

Remember that glorious Chicago Typewriter from Resident Evil 4 that lets you breeze through any encounter?In Resident Evil 7, the equivalent is this powerful shotgun, but you don't have to beat the game first to acquire it this time around.

Nioh Third Boss Battle Guide: Hino-Enma

Following the training wheels Executioner in the Tower of London and second boss Onryoki (who many already learned how to battle in the earlier demos), third boss Hino-Enma is easily one of the most difficult encounters in any Nioh mission.Below we cover how to stay alive for this incredibly hard boss battle.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Handling and Other Weapon Stats Explained

There are lots of weapon stats to consider when you're arming yourself in Horizon Zero Dawn.Before I dive into what each stat means, it's important to note that your ammo stats are just as important as your weapon stats.

Breath of the Wild Guide: Making the Most of Your Melee Weapons

While not all of them are melee weapons per se, they fall into the UI's weapon category.Boomerangs in Breath of the Wild count as melee weapons.

3 Indie Shooters with Amazingly Accurate Weapons

As such, shooters are some of my favorite games and have been since I was a kid.And today, shooters, particularly first-person shooters, are possibly the most popular game genre in the world.

Prey Trailer Gives New Look At Weapons, Gadgets and Gear

The initial trailer for the game debuted at E3 2016, but this new trailer goes in depth on more weapons, gadgets and gear that will be experienced by the player first hand.The first piece of gear unveiled is the Transcribe, a communicator that is standard issue to all Talos I employees.