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Master of Orion is Making a Comeback

Check out the hardwork that wen into recreated the legendary Master of Orion Master of Orion is back with a new game inspired by the original game series, called Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars.This new Master of Orion installment has new gameplay, but still possesses its unique traits.

World of Tanks "Tank Hunters" goes live today

As of May 10th, players can now get a leg up on heavily armored tanks and vehicles with this update for World of Tanks.This patch contains 23 powerful Tank Destroyers which will change the way players play the game and enhance the overall player experience.

World of Tanks Announces Tank Football 2016

Apparently, Wargaming, the developer of World of Tanks, disagrees.The studio announced today that Tank Football 2016, a "special in-game event" focusing on one of the world's most popular sports, will debut on June 10.

World of Tanks celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first tank with in-game events

World of Tanks developers are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first tank in war by holding series of events!To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mark I, the first tank deployed in the actual battle, Wargaming will hold many events through all platforms, progressively.

Sci-Fi Classic Master of Orion is Taking Us Back to The Stars This Month

The exact release date is reported to be August 25th, 2016.Due to this success, WG Labs is ready to release its newest game to the public, with a slight addition to the title.