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How To Find The BEST Fallout 4 Armor Set In Far Harbor

With Fallout 4's new DLC, Far Harbor, comes new weapons and armor, and just before release Bethesda teased an armor set that would be the best available in the game.That set is the "Assault Marine Combat Armor.

Zero Time Dilemma: Escape the Pod Room!

To get the shotgun, you'll have to solve (all together now).These puzzles are the hardest in the level, so just remember which areas you'll have to clear out to solve them.

Vault-Tec Workshop experiments quest guide

Pull up the Workshop menu and scrap the debris blocking off the North Sector, then follow the blip on your map to plug a control board into the Workshop bench.Once the suit is in Clem's inventory, highlight it and select “Equip” (the “T” key on PC).

Deus Ex Go complete guide to beating levels 8 - 14

Go back up so you are just one circle to the left of the left side turret's line of sight.Activate your invisibility and move right and then head right and up to exit the level.

Tales of Berseria Tips and Tricks - Beginner's Guide

Get the most out of your first Tales of Berseria playthrough with these tips and tricks.Much like equipment, Tales of Berseria rewards the player for the regular use of all of their artes.

Tales of Berseria Guide: How to Solve the Door Puzzle in Palamides Temple

Upon entering the second main area of Palamides Temple, players are greeted by a door with seven jewels embedded in a circular pattern upon its surface.Tales of Berseria asks you to light all seven of the jewels in order to unlock the door and proceed with the story.

The Daily Routine Guide - Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Stick to the schedule detailed in this guide and you'll be progressing faster than the seasons can spit you out.Some things I don't do every day, but every other day (or once a week), and you can be sure they're marked appropriately.