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HTC Vive VR review: great ideas, unfinished execution

It’s coming out a week after the Oculus Rift, a competing headset with impeccable polish but limited ambition.Since its first prototype was announced in early 2015, the Vive has been very clearly a full VR system, not just a headset.

Still waiting for an HTC Vive? HTC attempt to clear things up

The HTC blog has attempted to answer questions regarding shipping dates, type of shipping, order in which units are being dispatched, and a few other answers.Unfortunately, the post doesn’t really help customers if they want to know exactly when their Vive will arrive.

PlayStation VR's launch lineup is shaping up nicely

I played a level from Battlezone's single-player campaign, strapping into a medium tank and heading out into a futuristic urban setting.— Samit Playing DriveClub in VR made me never want to try another racing game with a VR headset.

Steam VR, the HTC Vive, is finally here!

The HTC Vive/SteamVR device is finally available for use, with a large collection of games, and some awesome looking features.00), and can be bought directly from HTC's website, right here.

The Accessibility Gamification of VR

First, you can apply Occam's Razor to VR as a path from consoles to the latest tech." On the other hand, if you apply Occam's Razor to VR from the perspective of a new field the answer might not necessarily be the same.

VorpX v16.1.1 released with Oculus Rift CV1 support

Any0ne who has tinkered with the Oculus Rift DK2 and wanted to expand their choice of games will have likely tried VorpX and the latest version has now been released.The latest version has just been released to support the Oculus Rift consumer version.

The VR game that can change the world

But it will be one game that will move us from the tipping point into a new world.That one game would be a VR MMORPG called Re-Que.

Rift exclusives hacked to work on Vive; and Oculus isn't pleased

A crafty reddit user has figured out how to make two games exclusive to the Oculus platform playable on the HTC Vive.He wrote: "It's still early days for this project, since it's only been in development for a few weeks.

Virtual Reality - Where is it heading, and what does that mean to us?

If you've been keeping track of PAX East this weekend, you would've noticed the fact that VR is a subject that is mentioned quite often.And if the trend is to continue in its current direction, that is very likely to become a reality relatively soon.

The next step in the VR/AR evolution: VR contact lenses

But it seems the future holds more; an AR experience that requires nothing more than a contact lens to use.About a year or so after the reveal of the Google Glass, it was rumored that Google's next big step in the VR/AR world was to focus their energy on a contact lens follow-up to the Glass.

A Virtual Chat With Matthias About the Reality of VR

GameSkinny managed to find some time with Matthias to talk about VR gaming.From vlogs with his wife Amanda Faye on their "Matt & Amanda" channel, to gaming content on his "it's whatever" channel, even challenge videos with his brother-in-law, Bryan, and brother, J-Fred, on the "TeamEdge" channel.

GameStop ALL IN on VR

In 2016 we have seen the release of some highly anticipated VR systems in the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.If you are unsure on whether you are ready to dive into the so-called future of gaming, don't worry -- GameStop has you covered.

MSI reveals PC that's portable and perfect for VR

This PC can actually be carried around in backpack form wherever people wander in their virtual lands.This means it is perfectly compatible with a multi-green screen set up for full, immersive virtual reality 3D experiences.

Rumor: Nintendo NX delayed to include VR

The Nintendo's NX delayed until early 2017, and supply chain sources think it's for adding VR to the console, along with increased mobile functionality.According to Digitimes, Nintendo's NX is delayed until early 2017.

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Pre-orders End Tomorrow

If you missed your opportunity to get a PlayStation VR Bundle, you have one last chance.PST, will be the last window for you to pre-order a PlayStation VR Bundle.

When Can You Play Dirt Rally on Oculus Rift?

Good news for fans of rallying and virtual reality: The official Dirt Rally website has announced that the game will debut on Oculus Rift on July 11.While VR connoisseurs will be able to access the game via the Oculus Store, developer Codemasters has not forgotten about its PC loyalists.

Deal: DUNNO Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Smartphone

Today's deal is this pair of DUNNO VR Glasses for smartphones.These VR glasses are 57% off -- only $14.