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5 Worst Game Logic Fail in Dating Sims

Although I have not played all dating sims, I have played enough to determine the pattern of most AI's behavior, structure and dialogue in generic dating sims.The AI that the player is dating doesn't know about the player having multiple relationships or just doesn't care about it.

Visual Novels: What are they?

If you remember the old Goosebumps choose-your-own-adventure books, you can probably think of Visual Novels as something like that.An example of the Visual Novel Fate/Stay Night One of the more notable companies that were built around Visual Novels would be Telltale Games.

The Best Visual Novels on Steam

We've put together a list of the 5 best (SFW) visual novels on Steam that you should check out.In this weird visual novel/adventure game, you play as Makoto Naegi, a high school student who gets stuck in a twisted game made by a talking teddy bear.

PQube announces Steins;Gate 0 for America and Europe

PQube has announced that the sequel to Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0,will be released for North America and Europe in 2016.Today, PQube has announced that they will be releasing Steins;Gate 0 for America and Europe this year.

Caramel Mokaccino: An Otome Game About Love and Coffee

The developers hope to release the game by December 2016.The developers hope to release the game by December 2016.

Clannad Side Stories Released on Steam

The game is a companion game to Visual Art's/Key's bestselling visual novel Clannad, which is best known in the West for inspiring a critically-acclaimed anime television series and movie of the same name.A kickstarter original Clannad anthology manga is forthcoming.

An old friend returns in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice

The sixth game in the main Ace Attorney series takes the iconic Phoenix Wright overseas to reunite with an old friend!You're in luck, because a certain spirit medium makes a return in the latest installment for the Nintendo 3DS, dubbed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (also known as Ace Attorney 6).

Are Visual Novels Games?

The visual novel genre occupies a strange place in relation to video games and other forms of entertainment.And most visual novels, with a few exceptions, have very nothing that can really be called gameplay.

My Horse Prince: Falling in Love With a Human-Faced Horse

Yet despite that, we were graced with My Horse Prince, a love story between a lonely girl and one very special horse.My Horse Prince is a free episodic visual novel that follows your typical story of a woman who is tired of the average-looking men at her office and wants to find love.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony To Release This Fall

Recently via a press event, NIS America announced that they will be releasing the newest Danganronpa title this fall.The teens then become unwilling participants in a killing game.

Tokyo Dark: Exclusive Interview With Jon Williams of Cherrymochi

Recently, we spoke to Cherrymochi's creative director, Jon Williams, who has been absorbing the culture and atmosphere of Japan for some time.As to whether supernatural events are more literal or metaphorical in Tokyo Dark though, we're told to "wait and see.

Let's Take a Look at the WORST Visual Novels on Steam

Steam provides a large variety of visual novels, from science fiction to a slice of life.While visual novels share interesting narratives and characters, not all visual novels are that great.