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Is the physical hypersexualistion seen in video games unique to women?

Something that tends to grab far less attention, however, is the perception of the male sex in video games and perhaps in the entertainment industry in general.The sort of Alpha males that are often portrayed in video games tend to be more masculine in general, which goes hand in hand with their macho personalities.

Highlights of Psychology and Gaming in 2016 [Pax East Coverage]

Are video games addictive?In this panel, PsyD Kelli Dunlap and founder of Geek Therapy Josué Cardona discuss the major highlights of video games psychology this year.

UbiSoft wants you to Experience E3 this Year!

While Ubisoft is scheduled to attend the most anticipated show in the U.One has to wonder if Ubisoft may be testing the waters to host their own event rather than attend the main stage of E3.

Why developers should make a games beginning and end first

The beginning and end of a video game are the two most crucial parts.All you need to do is take a look at the upcoming video games list on Steam to see just how many games release on a daily basis.

Why developers should start a design with the beginning and end

The beginning and end of a video game are the two most crucial parts.The start of a video game is what gets the player invested in the experience and needs to shine.

Why are most game movies so bad?

The film was inspired by the famous PlayStation game Ratchet & Clank.Like previous video game movies, Ratchet & Clank received a lot of negative feedback from film critics.

League of Legends: MSI Moving onto Knockout Stage

The League of Legends MSI is heading into the knockout stage, where the top 4 teams will battle it out to see who will be the new MSI champions.With group stage behind us, we move into the knockout stage where the 4 remaining teams fight for the championship title.

DOOM Beginner Tips and Tricks

That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of things to do, collect, and upgrade though.Considering how fast and intense the game is, many people may not stop to see all the upgrades and how they work.

Capcom Announces a New Mega Man Animated Series for 2017

The tweet announced that a new Mega Man animated series will debut sometime in 2017 - the same year as Mega Man’s 30th Anniversary.He revealed that the animation company, Man of Action, will be collaborating with Dentsu Entertainment as executive producers overseeing the writing and story development.

Twitch announces new feature for capturing and sharing streamed content

Twitch recently announced a new feature that they will be integrating into their streaming platform.They are calling the new feature “Clips”.

Twitter Troll Alert: Gaben Newell Edition

Earlier today, a parody Twitter account was created with the name of the founder of Valve and the Lord of PC Gaming, Gaben Newell.Although the Twitter account is not actually Newell himself, fans are taking the tweets as the newest rumor for the dream that is Half-Life 3.

The State of Video Games: How Creators and Players Are Failing Each Other

Developers and publishers are seemingly fixed in the act of fleecing us video gamers through unfinished games, shifty pre-ordering schemes, excessive microtransactions, and expensive DLCs." That was an advertising line for "The Horse Armor Pack" released in 2006 for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Overwatch Review: A true game-changer

So, here we are, after tantalizing us for months with numerous beta events, Blizzard’s first multiplayer shooter Overwatch is finally available for purchase.Being one of the most hyped releases of the year, you’ve probably been hearing about it everywhere; it is a Blizzard game after all.

Is UK Video Game Pricing Too High?

Recently, it's become quite noticeable that digitally-distributed video games are somewhat over-priced in the United Kingdom compared to the United States.There are currently various pieces of information, utilised as arguments, which have been used to demonstrate the pricing of video games as fair; this mostly concerns physical versions.

The Division appears to be quickly bleeding out

Recent analytics have shown that The Division’s player base has dwindled to minuscule numbers.After selling extremely well upon release, the game has apparently failed to keep its players coming back to the game.

E3 Evaluation: Microsoft Press Conference

This year E3 had some solid presentations among its press conferences but also some cringe moments along the way.Naturally, Microsoft covered their bases with their exclusives.

Quotes & One-Liners That Will (Definitely) Put A Smirk On Your Face

It's an immersive medium and before long, you're emotionally invested.Dialogue is such an important part of said immersion and (again just like movies) video games have fired off some awesome and memorable one-liners/quotes.