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Openwave Mobility | European and Asian operators look to emulate T-Mobile’s Binge On success

Simultaneously Openwave Mobility has streamlined the onboarding and integration process for operators launching new video services.This empowers mobile operators to forge partnerships with Over The Top (OTT) providers and quickly launch new innovative services and secure new revenue streams.

Watch The Hilarious Ramifications Of Stopping Time In This Superhot Parody

In the indie first-person shooter Superhot, time only moves when you move.Does everyone remain frozen in time as they wait for your next move?

Using GTA's Tank As A Baseball Bat Is As Hilarious As You Would Expect

Grand Theft Auto: Online's sandbox is a source of constant enjoyment for all of its players.The freedom to do absolutely whatever you please keeps every one coming back to wreck things, wreak havoc on an unsuspecting NPC populace, and try the zaniest, wildest, most ridiculous stuff the imagination can concoct.

Engineering Students Make Real Mario Karts With Powerups

You've seen tons of videos out there with people cosplaying as their favorite Mario Kart characters and taking to the track on go-karts to race their friends.This ambitious group of Colorado State University students decided that wasn't quite the experience they were looking for.

Prepare Yourself To Set Sail For "Far Harbor"

Now that Fallout 4's largest expansion, Far Harbor, has dropped, there are absolute tonnes of new things to do, myriad new locations to explore, and plenty of new weapons and secrets to find.After that, another quest called "Far From Home" will pop up and a new radio signal will direct you back to Valentine's Diamond City detective agency to pick up a new case.

The Anime Tribute To Classic Shooter R-Type Is Amazing

If you've ever played a side-scrolling shooter, you've played R-Type.It was the originator and certainly one of the best.

Dunky's Review of Uncharted 4 Is Absolutely Hilarious

If you don't know videogamedunkey, you're about to.His scathing and witty reviews are both hilarious and acerbic, while picking apart the kinds of things that matter most in games: is it fun?

Trolling Dark Souls 3 Invaders With The Armor Of Thorns Is The Best Kind Of Trolling

For those that don't know the Dark Souls series is a game where you bash your head into a wall in pure frustration until you throw your controller at your television.But when you take a break from all that anger and malice, you can participate in the other fun aspects of Dark Souls, namely invading someone else's game.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Overwatch

Overwatch finally hits the shelves tomorrow and players are already cracking open its sprawling universe and mining it for clues, references, and Easter eggs.Not to mention with the hype and popularity surrounding the both the game's production and early beta preview, Overwatch has garnered quite the story of its own.

Conan And Game Of Thrones Stars Lena Headey And Peter Dinklage Are Terrible At Overwatch

Conan O'Brien has made a serious splash online with his hilarious "Clueless Gamer" segments where he is normally navigated through a video game by his assistant.Conan's terrible playing and his assistant's patient guidance make for a hilarious time of failure and frustration.

Soldier 76 Becomes A Hero In The Final Overwatch Short

The short animated films for Blizzard's Overwatch have been absolutely superb thus far.Well-acted and full of animation on par with a Pixar film, these shorts have provided a wonderful layer of backstory and mythology to the mysterious world of Overwatch's story.

10 Decisions That Suck No Matter Which Side You Choose

Is this the right decision?Is it the wrong decision?

CS:GO Streamer Gets Kicked Thanks To Windows 10

We've all done it before.Then a week later, while we're reading an article on how to make distressed-looking upcycled furniture, Windows asks, "Hey!

Dragon Ball Fusions Trailer - Highlights

The new Dragon Ball Fusions game for Nintendo 3DS has a launch date of August 4 in Japan, and an action-packed trailer has hit the internet.This is the first Dragon Ball game that involves gathering and leveling up.

Honest Trailer For Overwatch Gets Everything Exactly Right

Before it was even released, Overwatch was an absolute juggernaut of a title, thanks to the body of work Blizzard has created over the years.most of which is World of Warcraft- or Starcraft-related, e.

Fallout 4's Codsworth Has An Entire List Of Dirty Names He Can Say

One thing Bethesda games have to their credit is the level of immersion available to the player.All these elements help players become totally engrossed in their game.

Surgeon Simulator Lets You Operate On Donald Trump

Since his wacky, vitriolic, and confounding run for President of the United States began, Donald Trump has become even more a part of the world's pop culture and cult of personality because of his baffling rhetoric and crazed antics rather than any of his gold-plated, name-bearing buildings or "world famous" golf courses.Whether you like him or not, everyone is talking about Trump and everyone wants to get inside his head.

Dunkey Spoofs His Own YouTube Career With YouTuber Simulator

Videogamedunkey, known for his unique voice and erratically hilarious commentary, and the absurdist way he plays and reviews video games, tackles a novelty sim-game called YouTuber Simulator in a scathing and ridiculously meta fashion.The game puts you in the shoes of an aspiring YouTube star, stuck your parents house, itching to break big and become Internet famous.

Spotlight // Fallout 4 DLC, Tomb Raider Blood Ties, No Killing in Watch Dogs 2

Apart from those we've got Ubisoft's Dominic Guay letting players know that combat is entirely optional in Watch_Dogs 2 and last-but-not-least, reasons why Sea of Thieves will be a great game.With all of the Fallout 4 news to cover, it only made sense to include some Fallout 4 gameplay!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Escalates Mordor War With New War Gameplay

Monolith has just posted the very first gameplay footage of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, an open-world action RPG based on the world of J.In order to take control of the castle, players must form their own army by recruiting and controlling allied Orcs as Followers.