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SNOW now with snowboards and snowmobiles!

The upcoming Winter Sport game SNOW - developed by Poppermost - has promised to add snowboarding and snowmobiling to their wintry game.Announced on the 24th of May 2016, this is one cold step closer to the company's main goal: to make the most fun and realistic winter sports game on the market.

Pokemon Go Cheating and Bans Update

Whenever the system founds out that a person is cheating, Niantic will send the user stating the termination of the account.Prior to this update Niantic developers only apply "soft bans" towards cheaters.

Relics and Rituals: What Active Item Changes in SMITE Season 4 Mean For You

we look forward to our fan's feedback as they get their hands on season 4 in the public test servers." So what kind of changes can we expect to see in season 4?