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Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Gets First English Screenshots

However, if you have never played the previous game, be careful, as this article does contain some links that can potentially spoil the previous game.The story of this particular game is explained here: The Demons page in particular shows of many demons that are potential allies and enemies, and explaining their involvement in the previous game.

Put the Pedal to the Metal with New Double Kick Heroes Content

Good news for fans of the wild metal zombie-slaying rhythm game, Double Kick Heroes!The game is undergoing changes this month to make your band's adventure even more bloody and unpredictable, with even more changes and extra content.

Stellaris Clarke Patch Coming Soon!

Recently, Paradox Interactive released their newest strategy game, Stellaris, to the good folks of Steam.So they've been working on their first major patch to the game.

Cybernetic Alliance, the new Update for Skyforge

But a brand new update called Cybernetic Alliance is coming out June the 1st, and it might just ramp the Immortal scale up to at least demi-god status.Cybernetic Alliance is designed by developer Allods Team and published by My.

Digimon Heroes! Now with PVP!

For an online game that has solely focused on Player versus Enemy since launch day, this is not only a welcome addition but a required one.As a game, Digimon Heroes!

Homefront: The Revolution Getting Performance and Stability Patches

Upon its release on May 17, Homefront: The Revolution had a number of issues that needed addressing by Deep Silver's Dambuster Studios.Many of these problems have indeed been noticed by the developers, and they're now working to resolve them through some performance and stability patches, according to a post on Homefront: The Revolution's official forums by community manager Craig Turner.

Pathfinder Adventures Gets a Massive New Update

The huge new patch comes with a new adventure deck that brings us the next chapter in the Rise of the Rune Lords campaign.Despite it's bumpy start Pathfinder Adventures has become one of the most beloved mobile games of the year.

Subnautica Power Nap Update Goes Live

It's bringing a lot of changes and additions to the game.It's good bio-reactor energy -- and may be used in the future for better farming?

The Culling patch brings new Showdown feature

The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that will hinder teams in Free for All game play.The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that's going to be implemented soon.

GTA Online Update "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" Coming June 7

GTA Online's new update, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, will be available starting June 7.Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the newest Grand Theft Auto Online update, will be available on June 7 and promises to be one of the game's biggest updates yet.

Portal Knights new update

The quality of communications for this game and the ability to enable and disable target locking was the main feedback from players.In response to the feedback, the update focuses on controller support, optional target locking and other upgrades.

ARK celebrates one-year birthday with in-game event and dinos in hats

To celebrate its birthday week, the game is getting a fresh update that includes new creatures, XP-buffing birthday cakes, and a new dragon boss fight.These organisms can severely debilitate their host with infections like "Swamp Fever", and require precision blade-work or an open flame to shake off.

Splatoon's 2.8.0 Update Details

0 adds new gear and weapons while fixing some glitches and map advantages.The popular third-person shooter for the Wii U, Splatoon, is getting a software update on June 8, 2016 with new weapons and gear plus adjustments to existing ones.

Capcom Notifies Players of Street Fighter V Development Updates

Street Fighter V has been out for a few months now, and the game seems to be well received by fans.More content for the game has been confirmed, which has left fans yearning for when it will come.

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia Gets a New Update

com released this new update for Evolution: Heroes of Utopia, and is excited to see how the players respond.This new update is a Terraforming feature that comes up with a new experience every time you teleport and have to start over.

Two new campaign updates in the works for Shovel Knight

In 2014, the world of gaming was hooked on a game called Shovel Knight.Tons of people were streaming it on Twitch, making YouTube videos about the game, and everyone was talking about it.

Quantum Break's Developer Coming Out with New Games

This raised the bar for Remedy and Thomas Puha is looking forward.They are planning on creating more games and getting them out more often.

Ashes of the Singularity update adds full voice over dialog

The new update adds an enhanced campaign, complete with full voice over for all dialogue, new missions, and new cutscenes.CEO and President of Stardock games, Brad Wardell,  announced that: “Players will experience a lot more immersion with our campaign improvements.

DOOM's First Post-Release Update Adds Photo Mode, Classic Weapon Placement Option

The first update for the new DOOM will include a new Photo Mode, as well as the option to place the weapon in the center of the screen.In addition to general improvements and fixes for various bugs, the update includes two big additions -- a Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots, and an option to place the weapon in the center of the screen, in a nod to the classic games in the series.

Underlord - coming to Dota on August 23rd

On August 23rd, 2016 the final original hero who is known as 'Vrogos, the Underlord' will finally being added to Dota 2.Unfortunately, we were unable to witness a cheesy backdoor attempt using the hero's teleport, Dark Rift, to teleport his team to an invisible Broodmother lurking the Radiant base.