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New Upcoming MMORPG Displays Beautiful Snow Fall

As long as I can remember, I have never seen a large scaled MMORPG game properly work in weather effects as beautiful as those in Chronicles of Elyria.About a week and a half ago, Soulbound Studios provided a beautiful technical preview of snow accumulation for the upcoming MMORPG.

Residents of France and Russia will be able to play Battlefield 1... for a little extra money

Russian and French gamers wanting to play Battlefield 1 will have to pay to pay a little extra.And by "a little", we actually mean fifty bucks.

If You Love MMOs, You Need to be Paying Attention to Worlds Adrift

There will be few traditional RPG elements in Worlds Adrift, this MMO is meant to be skill and knowledge based.Speaking of oblivion, everything in Worlds Adrift is permanent.

Revelation Online Releases New Wings & Mounts Trailer

The Chinese MMORPG is currently in its third closed beta with no announced official release date.Today the publisher provided us with a closer look at the available mounts and wing customization that will be available in Revelation Online.

Dark Souls' Final DLC will Bring an End to an Era

For years, the Dark Souls franchise has been a punishing trial for sadistic gamers across the globe.Now, with the release of a second Dark Souls 3 DLC, titled The Ringed City, the Souls series will finally bring a close to an age of fire.

Everything We Know About For Honor So Far

For Honor has had a bit of a bumpy pre-launch, but for those of us still excited to see the game's release, let's compile what we know.Once the player has chosen a hero from their faction, they start a match with a mob of weaker AI units.

Lonely Sun Developer Announces Upcoming Sequel

It's been six months since the challenging mobile game Lonely Sun hit the App Store, and developer Rinikulous Games has just announced its sequel, Unlonely.In a barren new solar system, the player is responsible for guiding potential planets through all the wonders and dangers of the universe.