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Twitch Chat Now Comes with "Cheering" Microtransactions

tv's introducing a new microtransaction called "Cheering", where viewers can gift "Bits" to's blog revealed a new feature to their popular streaming website, called "Cheering".

5 reasons why Twitch is awesome.

You can watch people play your favorite video games at the highest level, live, on Twitch.Here are five reasons why Twitch is awesome: Anyone can start streaming on Twitch.

5 More EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

Couple of days ago I published the list of 5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now.Now I am extending my list with 5 new Twitch TV Channels dedicated to EVE Online.

5 Elite: Dangerous Streamers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now

If you search for active Elite: Dangerous streams on Twitch, you are not going to find too many.This list will show 5 of the Elite: Dangerous Commanders who are streaming their bellowed game.

6 Underrated League of Legends Streamers You Need to Be Watching

When it comes to streaming, League of Legends is always one of the top games on Twitch.So what about the smaller League streamers?