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Twitch Chat Now Comes with "Cheering" Microtransactions

tv's introducing a new microtransaction called "Cheering", where viewers can gift "Bits" to's blog revealed a new feature to their popular streaming website, called "Cheering".

5 reasons why Twitch is awesome.

You can watch people play your favorite video games at the highest level, live, on Twitch.Here are five reasons why Twitch is awesome: Anyone can start streaming on Twitch.

5 More EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

Couple of days ago I published the list of 5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now.Now I am extending my list with 5 new Twitch TV Channels dedicated to EVE Online.

5 Elite: Dangerous Streamers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now

If you search for active Elite: Dangerous streams on Twitch, you are not going to find too many.This list will show 5 of the Elite: Dangerous Commanders who are streaming their bellowed game.