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Over 500,000 n00bs Tune in to Live Stream of PurePwnage: Teh Movie

This past Saturday, a live Twitch stream of PurePwnage: Teh Movie reached a total of 518,269 views.The web series, which began in 2004, made a transition to the Canadian Showcase TV network in 2010, but only saw a brief life of 8 episodes.

Twitch announces new feature for capturing and sharing streamed content

Twitch recently announced a new feature that they will be integrating into their streaming platform.They are calling the new feature “Clips”.

Bungie Teases Destiny Reveal Stream on Twitter

The Destiny news will be unveiled through Bungie's Twitch channel Thursday, June 9th at 10 a.Players can expect to learn "about the next threat that you'll confront as Guardians," followed by a "deeper dive with the development team.

Trouble for Twitch? New Facebook and Blizzard Live streaming Deal may compete

On June 6, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they will team up with Facebook to integrate new features to allow players to connect and share gaming experiences with friends.Could this move possibly be a threat to the well-known streaming service of Twitch?

Twitch Chat Now Comes with "Cheering" Microtransactions

tv's introducing a new microtransaction called "Cheering", where viewers can gift "Bits" to's blog revealed a new feature to their popular streaming website, called "Cheering".

Does it matter that Twitch streamers are spoofing their locations for Pokemon Go?

If you take a look at the Pokemon Go Twitch channel, you may notice something slightly strange going on.On the one hand, who really cares if someone is spoofing to find Pokemon?

5 Celebrities Who Made Gaming Badass

These aren't just celebrities who love playing video games.They're celebrities who took gaming to a whole new level.

5 reasons why Twitch is awesome.

You can watch people play your favorite video games at the highest level, live, on Twitch.Here are five reasons why Twitch is awesome: Anyone can start streaming on Twitch.

5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

With EVE Online there is one good reason to spend time on twitch and take a look at others playing.Before I tell you why you should watch EVE streams, let's get to the who you should watch first.

Despite the Twitch Ban a Year Ago, Yandere Simulator Lives On

The game was banned on Twitch, due to this little clause in the Terms of Use which forbids.And while that might be true of Yandere Simulator, it's also true of games like Mortal Kombat.

5 More EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

Couple of days ago I published the list of 5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now.Now I am extending my list with 5 new Twitch TV Channels dedicated to EVE Online.

Innovative Shardbound Gets Instant Kickstarter Success

Some developers head to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new games, while it can be a real struggle to raise the funds, some games capture people's interest and instantly take off!This is what has happened for San Francisco Bay-based studio Spiritwalk Games and their tactical CCG Shardbound.

5 Elite: Dangerous Streamers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now

If you search for active Elite: Dangerous streams on Twitch, you are not going to find too many.This list will show 5 of the Elite: Dangerous Commanders who are streaming their bellowed game.

Twitch Selling Games Is the No-Brainer Idea No-one Thought About

If you think about it, the recent announcement of Twitch selling games makes perfect sense.For partnered streamers, this offers another revenue stream -- 5% of all sales made via their channel will go into their pocket.

Twitch Announces Updated Desktop App Open Beta

Last year, Twitch bought Curse, a standalone gaming chat application, to improve its ability to give content to gamers.The updated app will go into open beta on March 16th.

Twitch Studios Announces Their First Feature Film

Today, Twitch Studios announced a teaser for their first feature film: Ironsights: A Big Buck Hunter.Based in San Francisco, Twitch Studios is a collaboration between Twitch's live production and post-produced video production teams.

OpTic Gaming Wins $1,000,000 and Undisputed Halo Supremacy After the World Championship Finals 2017

All around the world, Halo teams fought through the qualifiers for a chance to be part of the ESL Halo World Championship 2017 Finals.In the first day of competition at Finals, teams fought for seeding points heading into the double elimination bracket.

German Twitch Streamers In Trouble With New Broadcasting Regulations?

Gamers in Germany will face difficulties while livestreaming on Twitch, as the authorities have set strict broadcasting regulations for this kind of activity.Game streaming with Twitch has recently been recognized by German broadcast authority (Landesmedienanstalt) as a form of "radio services".

6 Underrated League of Legends Streamers You Need to Be Watching

When it comes to streaming, League of Legends is always one of the top games on Twitch.So what about the smaller League streamers?

New StarCraft II Commander Reveal on Twitch Incoming

Lead Co-Op Designer David Sum and Terran Champion Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant will head the unveiling of the new Co-Op Commander soon to be released.They’ll cover the new Commander’s abilities and characteristics, as well as what will make this new character really stand out.