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Episode 61: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

What is there left to say about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?A heck of a lot, actually.

All-bacterial battery makes a nutrient when charged, eats it to discharge

And researchers have figured out how to turn these into a fuel cell, harvesting the electrons to do something useful.A team of researchers in the Netherlands figured out how to close the loop and create an actual bacterial battery.

Listen to Nobuo Uematsu music! And to us talk about Nobuo Uematsu music! It’s episode 60! Wow!

Look, I have to make this blog post terrible, because the episode it encloses is so good.Certainly it took longer to assemble than any other episode ever — probably about 10 hours for editing alone.

Movies out Today: 8 April 2016

Much like the completely under-the-radar marketing campaign, critics are giving away no details about 10 Cloverfield Lane.For now, you can go with the Certified Fresh 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, alongside the average audience rating of 83%.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week - 8 April 2016

Even so, it’s been slow going, and Geoff has already fired me twice today as a result.This past weekend, gamers descended upon the Mall of the South to take part in Gamer’s Fest.

In Other News - 08 April 2016

Whose sick idea was it, to make it mandatory to work five days a week?And I mean, when you’ve just come straight off a couple of shortened work weeks, it just feels even more cruel.

Biologists start sharing unpublished work—oh, the horror!

Many of them end up eventually appearing in academic journals, although others will spend their entire existence in the arXiv.Until recently, biology hadn't even managed to create anything that Elsevier would want to acquire.

Dark Souls Board Game Heading to Kickstarter Soon

It seems like the devious masterminds behind Dark Souls are no longer content with just killing you in video games, they have to beat the crap out of you on the tabletop as well.Steamforged Games has announced an exclusive partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment to develop a Dark Souls board game.

Using the uncertainty principle against itself to gain precision

Notice that when I discussed the uncertainty in the phase and amplitude of the light field, I said they had a joint uncertainty.To gain a lot of precision, it's not enough to make a light source that produces a lot of entangled photon pairs per second.

WWE 2K17 News: Brie Bella And Bray Wyatt Have Been Scanned

As reported by SmackDownHotel, pictures of Brie Bella and Bray Wyatt have been posted by Pixelgun Studio.It’s worth mentioning Sasha Banks was scanned early last year but was sadly not featured in WWE 2K16.

Aboard HMS Cavalier, where Wargaming is battling to shape the future of VR films

Its first VR outing was Virtually Inside Tanks, and it followed that with a 360-degree 1941 battle re-enactment, a neat proof-of-concept for where the studio wants its VR ambitions to end up.Oh, and documentarian-cum-historian Dan Snow as a presenter, of course, alongside British Army veteran Richard Cutland, who brings expertise on things like weapons.

Fallout: New Vegas gets the 'quick loot' system that made Fallout 4 so convenient

As can be seen in the video above, players can search, take and store items in New Vegas just as they do in Fallout 4, without laboriously bringing up an inventory screen for each container, cabinet or dead body.It also makes one of the most common acts in the RPG series consistent across its two latest games, for those still playing both.

Ford just made spotting its police SUV a lot harder

Scofflaw drivers beware: spotting police vehicles is about to get more challenging.We knew where we stood with the Ford Crown Victoria—unless painted bright yellow it was always a cop car.

The search for exoplanets goes cold as Kepler enters emergency mode

Something's gone wrong aboard the planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft.On Friday evening, mission manager Charlie Sobeck announced that Kepler had entered "emergency mode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Review: Hit vs Vegeta And Monaka Exposed

Dragon Ball Super episode 38 was on this week and a lot of stuff happened.Dragon Ball Super has been going at a fast pace so it was interesting that this staredown lasted so long.

HP’s upsized 15-inch Spectre x360—a high quality device built for the mainstream

While I personally am a huge fan of the 13-inch form factor for its greater portability, 14- and 15-inch systems are the biggest sellers.The 15-inch system isn't significantly more expensive or significantly more powerful than its smaller sibling.

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