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Play Knights of the Fallen Empire for free, get an astromech mini-pet, and more this month in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Several events are in the works for Star Wars day on Star Wars: The Old Republic, read on to find out more!EA is giving players the opportunity to celebrate Star Wars day in several ways over the month of May in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

First Look: SWTOR - KOTET's New Adventure, The War for Iokath

Brand Manager, and SWTOR creative director Charles Boyd on April 4 about the update and what players can expect going forward.The new system allows players to change allegiance per day through daily missions that yield unique rewards.

Everything You Need to Know about SWTOR Patch 5.2

2 may introduce the new story arch in the "War for Iokath," but the patch brings together new items, missions, and battles for players to delve into.The devs have also done minor bug fixes and corrected issues with features found in "Knights of the Eternal Throne.

7 Other Planets SWTOR Needs to Explore After War for Iokath

From desert and forest planets to worlds hidden in the Unknown Regions outside civilized space, here are seven worlds that SWTOR needs to explore after the War for Iokath.First introduced to audiences on-screen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Jedha is actually the moon of NaJedha and is home to some of the oldest architecture in the known Star Wars universe.