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Left 4 Dead 3 release date and characters revealed?

It is said the follow-up to the 2009 hit Left 4 Dead 2 will be a prequel featuring four new characters -- three males and one female -- keeping in line with past Left 4 Dead archetypes.The protagonists this time around include a gangster named Irvin, Keenan the comic book nerd, a famous Kenpo fighter named Garrett Jr.

7 Days to Die Comes to PS4 Soon

Disappointed that you can't play more games that feature both survival and crafting on your favorite console?In collaboration with Telltale Publishing and Iron Galaxy, 7 Days to Die dev The Fun Pimps is ready to bring the game to another system.

Agony: Survival Horror Set in Hell

Madmind Studio, a new game development studio founded this year, announced its first title called Agony -- a first-person survival horror game set in hell.Their official website is now online with more information on the game, as well as the first teaser trailer.

How to get Dead by Daylight Beta Keys

Players who preordered the Deluxe edition of the game receive 3 beta keys, and those who registered for the beta at PAX will get their beta key by email.You can check out Dead for Daylight's beta site for an opportunity to get a beta key for you and your friends.

Indiewatch: Uncanny Valley - A rough hidden gem

The plot to Uncanny Valley is an interesting one.I enjoy the gameplay of Uncanny Valley, even with its major shift halfway through.

Indie Horror Game, Stay With Us, Released on Mobile and PC.

Indie game creator, Paulina Pabis -- who also worked on Eyes, The Horror Game -- has released a new game, titled Stay With Us.The player’s goal is to find out the what actually happened to her after all the other friends mysteriously vanish.

A Second Visit Into the Horrifying World of Beyond Despair

Just over a month ago, Russian indie developer PixelMate gave us the opportunity to not only interview them but take an exclusive look at their survival horror multiplayer game, Beyond Despair.Disclaimer: Beyond Despair is currently in an alpha stage of development.

However You Feel About Resident Evil 7...It's a Huge Step Up From RE6

The verdict is in: Resident Evil 7 has been hailed as one of the best entries in the series for years.It may not have received quite the same amount of acclaim as the pinnacle of the franchise -- Resident Evil 4 -- but it has regained significant ground left by its immediate predecessor.

New to Resident Evil? Play These Games in the Series First

With the Resident Evil series being over 20 years old and spanning four generations of consoles it has one of the biggest fan followings of any franchise on the market.If I was pushed to choose only two games from the Resident Evil series it would be the first game and Resident Evil 4.

Devotion Alpha Gameplay Preview/Steam Greenlight Spotlight

Considering the game is currently on Steam Greenlight, Deadbyte Studios nails the ambiance of survival horror right off the bat.Sticking true to the survival horror roots, there is no real way to defeat it.