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Episode 80: The One Where We Talk About Zelda, Lying To Your Children, and Loving Mods, featuring Caleb!

Episode 80: This week our top listener is a six month old, Harrison Ford looks to end his role in another franchise, and Miyamoto confirms one of our worst fears People crying about Universal Windows for no reason.zeldainformer.

Episode 74: Twilight Princess HD News, The Fine Brothers Fiasco, and Doing Weird Things For Money featuring Zan!

This week, we discuss the power of the triforce, the fate of loft wings, and the some of the news regarding Twilight Princess HD http://www.gameinformer.

Episode 77: Rethinking Ganondorf, The Importance of Link’s Name, and Tales From Magfest 2016 Featuring Jovi/Rin-Senpai!

Zelda turned 30 this week, Microsoft deemed us not worthy, and our website blew up due to an opinion article.Subscribe To Me On YouTube!