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Starcraft: Brood War and Diablo 2 are Getting Updated

It looks like Diablo 2 and StarCraft: Brood Wars are getting their first update in years.In his post regarding Diablo 2, he stated: "Overall, to give you some more insight on where we are currently for Diablo II, we would love to bring a higher resolution such as WarIII with its 1920 X 1080.

Professional StarCraft II players arrested for cheating in game

In South Korea, Changwon Regional Prosecution Service's special investigation division released the prosecution report of a StarCraft II match-fixing scandal.According to the report, eight (including the programmer) have been indicted and arrested, two have been indicted but not arrested, and one individual is still fleeing.

More Starcraft 2 Fixers Arrested

Recent investigations into the competitive gameplay of Starcraft II have led to eleven people being indicted -- eight of whom were arrested in Korea, and one of whom remains at large.Supposedly, as reported by Gamasutra, individual competitors were being paid to lose matches.