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The first trailer for Rogue One:A Star Wars Story is here

5 billion for control of Star Wars, some people scoffed.It’s not enough for the house of mouse to make just one new trilogy of Star Wars movies, as they’re filling the wait between main entries with side-stories.

Nothing you've heard about Visceral's Star Wars game is true

The game in the past has been rumoured to be a third-person action game ala Star Wars 1313, or as an open-world RPG, and sometimes an amalgamation of two.Co-writer on the project Todd Stashwick has spoken about some of the rumours surrounding the game on a recent podcast, setting straight that none of what has been written about the game is true.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer broken down scene-by-scene

Earlier today, Disney and Lucasfilm premiered the first teaser trailer for Gareth Edwards' upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Good Morning America.The first shot we have of the new film is of Jones' Jyn Erso being led through an X-Wing hangar on what can only be assumed is the Rebel's base.

Breaking down ever secret hidden in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In case you missed it yesterday, Disney released a trailer for this small film called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.Second, we’ve already seen Tarkin, at least in animated form, thanks to Star Wars Rebels where he sported his trademark look five years before Episode IV kicks off.

Mark Hamill Teasing Star Wars: Episode 8 News To Be Announced This Sunday

Mark Hamill is teasing that some type of Star Wars: Episode 8 announcement will happen this Sunday.This time, he promises it won’t be a joke of some sort like his April Fool’s prank.

Star Fox Zero Brings Back The Puppets For Latest Trailer

We’ve seen some new trailers and gameplay videos from different regions of Nintendo, but the latest has come from Nintendo of America that has brought back the beloved Star Fox puppets.It had been years since we last saw Star Fox puppets, but last year’s E3 Digital Event brought them back in what was easily the highlight of the show, though vastly improved from the originals.

Spongebob v. Patrick: Dawn of the multi-continent Splatfest

As part of the Splatfest competition, a recurring online competition in which players pick a side and fight it out, players are being asked to pledge alliance to either the titular Spongebob Squarepants, or his starfish companion Patrick Star.Between April 23 at 6 AM PST and April 24 at 12 PM PST, players will battle to determine who in Bikini Bottom is more popular: Spongebob or Patrick.