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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Specs Revealed

Today, DICE unveiled the minimum and recommended PC specifications for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.Check out the full details below and see how your rig shapes up: The upcoming first-person action game is set to get a closed beta next week, which will include main missions, side missions and more, along with testing its online systems.

New report reveals PS4.5 codename and specs

A new report found on Eurogamer has revealed the specs for the PS4K, aka the PS4.According to Eurogamer's sources, the upgraded PlayStation 4 -- which was first revealed back in March -- is internally codenamed PlayStation NEO.

How Do the Switch's Specs Hold Up to the Competition?

With the Nintendo Switch only a month away, will it be the best of the best and on the cutting edge?Here's all you need to know about the Nintendo Switch's specs, along with how it compares to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Xbox's Project Scorpio Finally Reveals Its Hardware Specs

After a long period of rumors and speculations, Project Scorpio -- Xbox's upgraded to the PS4 Pro -- has finally revealed its official hardware specs on the YouTube channel Digital Foundry.Here are the full specs of Project Scorpio, alongside the same specs for the PS4 Pro as a basis of comparison.