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Battleborn open beta can now be pre-loaded,prepare for boot camp!

There’s a growing joke inside the office, that I’m the only person who has never taken Battleborn for an early run.But it’s also something I plan to rectify next week when the open beta launches.

The next big thing in space may be really, REALLY small satellites

These small research payloads have helped spur the development of a small satellite launch industry, and using the International Space Station to deploy them has become one of the national lab's hottest commercial activities.However, the evolution of satellites downward from thousands of kilograms, down to a single kilogram, does not seem to be stopping.

All the weird facts you never considered about life in space

Designer and citizen scientist has been obsessed with space for quite a while.While working for NASA, she founded , a group for citizen scientists who want to participate in space observation with DIY satellites, astro data-crunching apps, and more.

Sciencing the Shit Out of Quantum Break's Zero State

Could the Time Stop bubbles in Quantum Break actually exist in real life?That’s the stuff of science fiction; there is no way for us to travel through time, right?

Like a boss: Falcon soars into space and lands in the ocean

So too must Musk prove that his Falcon 9 rocket can be re-flown with modest modifications.Perhaps the Falcon 9 that landed at sea will be flown again.

Paradox's Dev Diary Explores The Creation of Stellaris' Expansive Universe

The studio has mostly made historical strategy games in the past, such as Crusader Kings, which marks Stellaris as their first game taking place in the future, rather than the past.The video features game director Henrick Fåhraeus and others from Paradox, who discuss how they tackled the new setting, and what players can expect.

The VR game that can change the world

But it will be one game that will move us from the tipping point into a new world.That one game would be a VR MMORPG called Re-Que.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes on space combat

Perhaps that is true, but if the reveal trailer for Infinite Warfare released today has anything to say about the latest entry, it's that it will have at least one interesting experiment: space battles.In wake of the absence of craft-to-craft combat in Star Wars: Battlefront, Infinity Ward appears to want to take on space battle in the upcoming Call of Duty installment: Infinite Warfare.

Paradox Interactive will release Stellaris on May 9

Paradox Interactive, the developer of grand historical strategy games like the Crusader Kings and the Europa Universalis series, is preparing to release a futuristic grand strategy game titled Stellaris.It is an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration and interaction phases as the core game mechanics.

No Man's Sky launches next month - Prepare to get lost in space

No Man's Sky will be launching on PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21, 2016 -- just over one month away.You could land on a planet with sub-zero temperatures and need to burrow your way underground in order to find shelter from the cold.

In Hellion, The Only Ones That Can Hear You Scream Are Those Who May Betray You

Hellion is an upcoming space survival game where players wake up from cryo-sleep and must put their trust in one another to make it out alive.Airlocks and a few other modules on your ship and space stations are kept in permanent zero-G to ease transitions between environments.

Anew: The Distant Light -- An Intriguing 2D Adventure From Industry Veterans Coming To Kickstarter

According to the game's official Kickstarter page.If you're curious about the soundtrack, you can here one of the game's tracks by clicking here.