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British teen drama Misfits is getting a reboot from The O.C. creator

Schwartz has made a name for himself in the world of teen dramas over the past couple of decades, creating classics like The O.Based on the original series, the show will follow a group of twentysomethings serving community service for minor offenses.

MLB The Show 16 Update Patch Notes 1.02 Available

Sony has released update patch 1.02 for MLB The Show 16.

iZombie is the zombie-themed police procedural show you need to be watching

It’s only when they go without brains for long enough that the show’s zombies become standard-issue horror tropes.And, crucially, when iZombie zombies eat brains, they pick up some personality tics and memories from the deceased.

Sony Releases Statement Over MLB The Show 16 Server Issues

Sony San Diego has now released an official statement over the server issues that have been plaguing MLB The Show 16 since launch.Sony San Diego made the apology over on the official MLB The Show 16 forums.