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Edge of Tomorrow sequel is officially a go

Despite a less than stellar debut at the box office, the sequel to Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's Edge of Tomorrow has been given the green light, according to Deadline.The movie followed Cruise's character, a military officer, who's brought into an ongoing war against a group of aliens.

Rumor Mill: VA Auditions hint at a possible Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE sequel

While Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE won't be internationally released until June, the game seems to already have its future planned out in Japan.Considering that Avex produced the music for TMS #FE, it's highly likely that it is a sequel to the game, possible DLC, or simply a new game altogether.

The Talos Principle 2 Announced at Nordic Games Conference

An upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game The Talos Principle has been confirmed.The announcement was made during the Nordic Games conference in Malmö, Sweden by Alen Ladavac of the Croatian game developer Croteam on May 20.

Akiba's Trip Successor, Akiba's Beat, Announced

A successor to the Akiba's Trip series, titled Akiba's Beat, has been announced via Famitsu.A successor to the video game series Akiba's Trip, titled Akiba's Beat, has been announced.

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed by Promo Item

YouTuber theRadBrad, known for his walk-through gaming videos, recently tweeted a picture of a promotional item that hints at Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2.The tweet shows a small leather gift box with the Watch Dogs logo painted in the background next to a noticeable "2".

Story of Seasons Sequel Comes West Next Year

The game is a farming simulation game and a sequel for the game is already on the horizon.Xseed Games announced today the sequel to Story of Seasons, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, will be released some time in 2017.

Steven Universe "Save The Light" Console RPG Coming This Summer

The first game was a rare example of both a well-executed licensed game, as well as a mechanically deep mobile game, as it offered a decently lengthy and rather enjoyable adventure for a pittance of a price.To see some expanded thoughts on the original Attack the Light, click here to read our full review of the game.

Steven Universe Console RPG "Save The Light" Coming This Summer

To see some expanded thoughts on the original Attack the Light, click here to read our full review of the game.), 3D environments to explore, and an all new original story co-written directly by (series creator) @rebeccasugar!

Lonely Sun Developer Announces Upcoming Sequel

It's been six months since the challenging mobile game Lonely Sun hit the App Store, and developer Rinikulous Games has just announced its sequel, Unlonely.In a barren new solar system, the player is responsible for guiding potential planets through all the wonders and dangers of the universe.

Reflect Studios Announces Welcome to the Game Sequel

On April 28, indie developer Reflect Studios announced on Twitter that a Welcome to the Game sequel is coming.For the Welcome to the Game sequel, Reflect Studios will be teaming up with game developer and 3D artist Brian Clarke.

Shaquille O'Neal Makes a Comeback in Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

In this article, I'm referring to Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, in which Shaquille O'Neal will be making a comeback (eventually).The game Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn has been in the works since 2015.