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FCC: Carrier pocketed $10M in bogus cell phone subsidies

Since 2014, Total Call Mobile (TCM) has requested and received $9.A single SNAP card could be used to enroll multiple ineligible consumers and collect government subsidies, the FCC said.

Dark Souls 3 is the fastest-selling Bandai Namco game ever

Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed that Dark Souls 3 is the fastest day-one seller in the franchise so far -- and the fastest-selling title ever by the publisher.51% of the game's initial shipment sold for PlayStation 4.

Original Pokemon virtual console release sells over 1.5 million units worldwide

Nintendo has reported that the virtual console releases of Pokémon Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green (Japan only) have sold over 1.The original release of Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) was in 1996 for the Game Boy.

Will the NX bring new life to Nintendo's console sales?

Now Nintendo faces the same situation SEGA faced almost two decades ago with the Dreamcast as they get set to unveil the Nintendo NX later this year.The fact is: with the exception of the Wii, Nintendo has been selling less home consoles than competitors since the Super Nintendo.

Minecraft has sold enough copies to form a small country

Whether you're a fan of Minecraft or not, you've got to admit that that is quite impressive.Mojang revealed the achievement today, joking that perhaps they need to take a break with Minecraft since they've already sold 100,000,000 copies.

Minecraft has sold enough copies to form a country

Whether you're a fan of Minecraft or not, you've got to admit that that is quite impressive.Mojang revealed the achievement today, joking that perhaps they need to take a break with Minecraft since they've already sold 100,000,000 copies.

Nintendo Discounts for 5th Anniversary of eShop

Pokemon fans are also covered with the same discount available for Pokédex 3D Pro and Virtual Console title Pokémon Trading Card Game.Furthermore, there will be indie titles available, such as Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig and Hörberg Productions’ Gunman Clive, again with 50% off.

Nintendo stocks rise as Pokemon GO captures everyone's hearts

94% increase in stock value currently stands as the highest Nintendo has seen in more than two months.While it was seen as inevitable, the move marks one of the strangest for Nintendo -- as they have been against the transition to mobile for some time.

Is There Any Hope for Street Fighter 5 at This Point?

Grand Theft Auto V got away with releasing online features two weeks late (with server issues), but Street Fighter V’s lackluster launch was a major disappointment for both veteran and casual fans of the series.For example, some aspects of “Street Fighter V” needed more polish, such as the lack of content and server issues at launch.

Let's Talk About Switch Sales Numbers Once More Data Comes Out

Looking at the Wii U’s launch numbers back in 2012 would give the impression that the system would do fairly well.The Wii U kept pace with the original Wii’s sales numbers during its first quarter, selling over 3 million units compared to the previous console’s 3.

GameStop Set to Close 150 Locations This Year

A new financial report of GameStop’s holiday sales figures just released this past Thursday, and the underwhelming revenue generated during that time has moved the retail chain to close down about 150 of its stores across the globe.The news of these closures isn’t far removed from the recent public address the company gave about the questionable working conditions that their “Circle of Life” program fostered after initial news of its existence was broken by Kotaku.

Nintendo's Future is Looking Bright Right About Now

According to Eddie Makuch's article on GameSpot, Nintendo's newest console, the Nintendo Switch, has been the fastest selling console in a large number of major markets around the globe.On top of that, GameStop Merchandising Director Eric Bright has said that so far, the sales of the Nintendo Switch since release have "been phenomenal.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Be a Gamer

In a recent conversation, my friend and I discussed how video games have changed throughout the years.With titles taking off like wildfire, consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation have had their communities grow larger than ever.

NieR: Automata Reached 1-Million-Copies Milestone After One Month

Square Enix has just stated, in their latest press release, that the open-world action-adventure RPG NieR: Automata reached more than 1 million copies sold, this is since the PS4 full worldwide release on March 10.This milestone includes all numbers of physical and digital sales for both the PS4 and PC versions.

Nintendo Announces Discontinuation of the NES Classic

Today, Nintendo announced that it will discontinue the NES Classic Edition, with the last shipments being sent to retailers throughout the rest of April.” The representative also stated the NES Classic Edition was never meant to be a long-term and ongoing product, but added additional shipments to their original plans.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Finishes in First Place

Even if you are not the biggest fan of video games, it would be hard to miss Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.It's the fastest selling Mario Kart game to date and only time will tell if it's the best selling Mario Kart game of all time.

Nintendo Switch Sales Figures Revealed

In a recent Q&A on Nintendo's Japanese website, President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed sales figures for the Nintendo Switch, as well as other interesting information.7 million units, thus exceeding the launch sales of the Wii U in the same time frame.