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Nintendo NX may use cartridges; might not be the worst idea

Macronix, Nintendo's supplier of ROM chips typically used for 3DS games, has made an announcement that has many Nintendo NX theorists scrambling to find out what they could possibly mean.” For those who couldn't catch the point of interest: Macronix has subtly implied that the Nintendo NX has a high likelihood of using cartridge-based games.

No Man's Sky Gets Delayed

With its last official release date being listed as June of 2016 by developers Hello Games, No Man's Sky seems to have been delayed without a new release date according to sources close to Kotaku and a GameStop employee and the marketing materials the store received (photo below).The hugely ambitious game may not be quite finished yet but there's no denying the hype surrounding it.

Rumor: Tekken 7 releasing for Xbox One and PC as well

It was recently revealed that Tekken 7 may also be releasing for both PC and Xbox One.The tweet reveals that while visiting the MCM ComicCon in London, the attendee supposedly received confirmation from a Bandai Namco representative.

Rumor: Tekken 7 to Be Available on Xbox One and PC?

While Tekken 7 is confirmed to launch on PlayStation 4, it appears that Xbox One and PC users may be able to get in on the battles as well.There has been no official announcement on additional Tekken availability beyond the aforementioned PlayStation 4 game, which currently has no release date.

Rumor: Resident Evil 5 will release on June 28 for Xbox One

Rumor: Resident Evil 5 will release worldwide for the PS4 and Xbox One June 28.It was revealed via Twitter today that Resident Evil 5 will release on June 28 for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rumor: Nintendo NX delayed to include VR

The Nintendo's NX delayed until early 2017, and supply chain sources think it's for adding VR to the console, along with increased mobile functionality.According to Digitimes, Nintendo's NX is delayed until early 2017.

Hoard of Bethesda E3 rumors include Skyrim remaster

In the latest round of rumors for E3 2016, EuroGamer reports Bethesda will be hosting a wealth of game announcements at their conference this Sunday, June 12th.According to the site, the games include a remaster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a revival of Prey 2, and the development of Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2.

Will Nintendo Be Releasing an SNES Classic Edition This Year?

Last week, Nintendo made a controversial announcement about its decision to discontinue production of the highly demanded NES Classic Edition.New information has surfaced that the company intends to produce and release an SNES Classic Edition later this year.