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Angry Birds Action! is different from the other Angry Birds games

is the latest game in the Angry Birds series of mobile games, and it is a totally different kind of experience.A huge marketing campaign for the movie includes a new mobile game as well, titled - Angry Birds Action!

Is The Angry Birds Movie Doomed From the Start?

Most audience members have agreed that The Angry Birds Movie announcement feels a little late to the party and could be nothing more than an attempt by Rovio Entertainment to reinvigorate fandom towards their franchise.There have been several Angry Bird spin-offs/sequels since the explosion of the original's popularity, such as Angry Birds Star Wars and the recent Angry Birds Action!

The Angry Birds Movie Review

The Angry Birds Movie stars Jason Sudeikis as the series' iconic bird Red.Tragically, as mentioned before, The Angry Birds Movie ultimately feels like nothing more than an uninspired children's flick for the least demanding audiences.