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How Does Painting Play into the WWE 2K17 E3 Roster Reveal?

During this year's E3, Rob Schamberger will reveal WWE 2K17 roster members by painting them.The WWE 2K website has announced a unique method of revealing WWE 2K17 roster members.

Robin, Poison Ivy, Brainiac, and Bane Formally Announced for Injustice 2

Following the recent announcement of both Black Canary and Darkseid as characters on the roster for NetherRealm's upcoming Injustice 2, four more playable characters have just been confirmed -- Robin (Damian Wayne), Poison Ivy, Brainiac, and Bane.Here's a look at the details on what you can expect from each character.

Capcom Takes The Stage at the San Diego Comic Con

Today, Capcom released a trailer that introduces four new characters for Marvel vs.This puts us at 14 Marvel heroes and 15 Capcom heroes on the roster.