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TSM Leffen finally obtains a short term visa to compete in the US

After a long uphill battle with the US Visa system, TSM's very own Willian "Leffen" Hjelte has recently obtained a short term visa just in time for the EVO Championship Series.While TSM's League of Legends players can apply for athlete visas due to progress made by Riot Games, players for smaller games like Super Smash Bros.

League of Legends: MSI Moving onto Knockout Stage

The League of Legends MSI is heading into the knockout stage, where the top 4 teams will battle it out to see who will be the new MSI champions.With group stage behind us, we move into the knockout stage where the 4 remaining teams fight for the championship title.

Australia deems League of Legends an official sport

Everyone rejoice, League of Legends (LoL) has officially been sanctioned as a sport in Australia.Thanks to a partnership between Riot Games and Unigames, students can compete in League during the Australian University Games, the largest sporting event held for college students where they aim to bring home a championship for their respective universities.

League of Legends Needs Solo Queue to Remain Competitive

By sticking with their current ranking system, Riot is effectively choking every ounce of competitiveness out of League of Legends.If Riot wants League of Legends to continue to prosper, they need to bring back Solo Queue to remain competitive.

President of Riot Games Reveals Icefrog's Name

Riot Games' President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Mark Merrill, has recently outed Icefrog's name on Reddit.(And while that name is out there, we will not be revealing it here.

How Overwatch Needs to Learn From League's Punishment System

It has been stated as well that, This has lead to a substantial 40% in player reform that Overwatch could benefit from.In addition to punishment, to make a quick point, Overwatch could benefit from a more specific report system much like LoL.

5 Pieces of League of Legends Lore That Will Change How You See Your Favorite Champions

With the launch of League of Legends Universe Beta, the world of Runeterra has become more detailed.A portal to all the regions and champions who battle on the rift, Universe Beta contains a plethora of lore.

Riot Points Get a Price Increase in the UK

On July 25 at 23:59 BST, Riot will be increasing the cost of RP for UK players by 20%.With the price adjustment, here are the new values for Riot Points: Along with the price changes, will be adjustments to the price points.