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Hero World, the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero MMO that never was

Unseen64 contributer Liam Robertson recently uploaded a Youtube video (above) which revealed details of a cancelled web-based MMO that would have connected the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games together.Dubbed Hero World, the idea was to have players manage their own clubs and to try to drive as many NPC's to their establishment as possible by hiring players of the various Guitar Hero and DJ Hero titles to play there.

New DJ Max title announced for PS4

The music rhythm game series, DJMax, will be making their console debut with on the PlayStation 4 in 2017.Recently, DJMax Respect was announced for the PlayStation 4 console at a PlayStation Developers Conference held in South Korea.

Hot Patootie, Bless my Soul! A Rocky Horror Video Game

Get ready to do the Time Warp again, with a Rocky Horror Dance Game!That's what happened to me and, as a result, I was led to a Kickstarter page for a rhythm action game called The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Game.

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Succeeds on Kickstarter

A wild an untamed thing has reached its goal on Kickstarter, and will be released in 2017.Get ready to do the "Time Warp" again with the folks over at Rocket Lolly Games as they give us something more than just visual that will make you shiver with antici.

What Even Is McOsu? Because It's Not Osu!

During much of this time, a rhythm game has been quietly building and maintaining its own niche audience: Osu!subreddit, you can see a conversation between McKay, the creator of McOsu, and Peppy, the creator of Osu!

What's Next With PaRappa the Rapper? Stickers!

For some strange reason, we are all drawn to stickers.Well, gamelets, PlayStation released a remastered version of PaRappa the Rapper earlier this month.