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Herald: An Interactive Period Drama -- A Brilliant Plot-Driven Title

And now, another title is bringing the genre back into the spotlight -- Herald: An Interactive Period Drama.Developed and published by Wispfire the game is split into a total of four books (episodes), with two currently available.

Death Squared Review: Puzzles & Banter All The Way Down

This is where Death Squared becomes reminiscent of Portal 2 -- in case the co-op robotics weren't enough of a parallel for you.Much like any other party game, Death Squared is designed for local co-op.

Dawn Of War III: Revitalizing The RTS Genre

The unexpected latest entry in Warhammer 40,000's Dawn Of War series, Dawn of War III, arriving a full eight years after the previous main title, brings along a host of tweaked features that shake up the franchise.Now the three major factions feel a little more distinct, with Space Marines playing as you remember from previous games.

Nighthaw-x3000 Review -- When Shmups Are Dipped in Vaporwave

"Kicking ass 80s style" is one of the game's tag lines.The art style as seen in the story also carries a cyberpunk feel--an aesthetic that was made famous in the 80s as well.

Outlast 2: A Wicked Religious Experience

I was absolutely gutted when a several month delay happened at the 11th hour back near Halloween 2016, but now Outlast 2 is here and ready to scare your socks off.Unlike with the first Outlast, which is essentially just something you pull out at Halloween to scream for a night, there's now a reason to play through Outlast 2 more than once to search them all down.

Beta Preview: The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Expansion is Vvardenfell Reborn

But when Bethesda announced the Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, I knew I would be diving back in once more.Zenimax Online took a page from The Elder Scrolls III's book and made quests feel like much more of a discovery process.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review -- If the Warriors Team Made an RPG

I'm stuck on a boss rush not far from the final boss of Dragon Quest Heroes 2.But is Dragon Quest Heroes 2 worth a shot?

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Review: Platform Til You Die

One of the first things that jump out at you in Super Rude Bear Resurrection is how hard it owns its eccentric weirdness.And while a weird video game is hardly groundbreaking, there aren’t many titles out there that use the strange factor to the advantage of the game’s entertainment value quite the way Super Rude Bear does.

Corsair Glaive RGB Review: A Responsive, Accurate Addition to a Growing Catalog of Quality

From the Harpoon RGB to the Scimitar RGB Pro, Corsair mice offer myriad bells and whistles with the reliability and durability both competitive and casual gamers demand.Its latest offering, the Glaive RGB, is no different.

Monolith - One of the Most Fun Roguelikes This Year

So, now that we have the gist of what Monolith is about, let's get down to the nitty-gritty details.Awhile ago, if someone told me, "how cool would it be to combine a roguelike with a shoot'em up?

AereA Review: An RPG Built Around Instruments and Music

The visual effects are also just as good because the developers have almost flawlessly incorporated the world with the game's musical theme.The quests in AereA are your typical ‘kill so many enemies’ or ‘bring back so many items’ quests that one finds in any RPG.

Ever Oasis Review: An RPG Baked into a Town Management Sim

Since this game is kind of an odd mash-up, let's review the town management and puzzle RPG portions separately, shall we?That's about the extent of the town management in Ever Oasis.

MMM Review: A Visual Novel About A Murder Most Misfortunate

MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate is a visual novel adventure created by Foolish Mortals, a small independent game studio based out of Canada.It’s up to you to search for clues, interrogate the other guests, and unmask the real killer before you take all the blame.

Aven Colony Preview -- A Futuristic City Builder Worth Playing

After playing Mothership Entertainment's Aven Colony for 20 plus hours, building and failing in multiple modes and land types, I feel confident saying that Aven Colony could pass as a Triple-A title.In this game, it is more important to remember classic city builders like Sim City that fit Aven more accurately.

Fortnite Review: A Jumbled Mess Of Awesome

Elbowing into that crowd is Fortnite, a new hybrid game from Epic, who has been responsible for Paragon, the earlier Gears Of War games, and the upcoming Unreal Tournament reboot.How are we going to save the world and perform some truly dangerous science experiments at the same time?

The End is Nigh Review: Rage without Regret

On the surface, this is a story about the end of the world and learning to let go.Those familiar with McMillen's work will be expecting a certain level of difficulty here.

Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game Review - Bizarre, Unique, and Awesome

That is of course until the release of Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game.For instance, Eggloot shows up talking about how Kvorak's fear of bugs.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

When traversing the rolling green hills or dark gloomy caves of Prideful Sloth’s debut title, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, it’s hard to believe that only three people developed the game.Instead, you explore the open world of Gemea and release little creatures known as Sprites, who will help you on your way to repairing the Cloud Catcher (hence the title).

Fictorum Review- Join the Dark Side

That is the power of Fictorum.For instance, traveling from one island to another, you can run into a side quest asking for assistance.

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Review- Going Off The Rails

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is the first game in the Cold Steel trilogy.Here, there's class time, bonding events with classmates, and mandatory fetch quests for the locals.