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The Modern Day Reboot: What we can learn from Bethesda's successes

With this in mind, what has made Bethesda's recent reboots such a resounding success?However, that's not to say there has never been a bad Fallout game, just look at Brotherhood of Steel on PS2.

DOOM is out in the next 24 hours - We are all DOOMed tomorrow

With DOOM 2016 releasing worldwide tomorrow, who's ready to bash some hell spawn, other space marines, or simply blow everything up while circle strafing?The Hell Knights, Imps, Cyberdreams and many more enemies are more than happy to lay down their lives for you.

The Secret World MMO Is Relaunching as an F2P Game This Spring

When it first released back in 2012, MMO The Secret World  received mixed reviews.But now, developer Funcom has decided to relaunch the game as Secret World Legends.

Quake Champions Reboots The High Speed Shooter

The arena-style format remains, returning this time with 11 different Champions of varying stats and abilities.Plus, giant chained eyeballs Quake Champions isn't a finished product yet, and that shows in a lot of ways.