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Help stop the 2D Flat Kingdom from becoming a 3D nightmare

The game's hero, Flat, is a shapeshifting master and can shift between circle, square and triangle.So, a square beats triangle, triangle beats circle and circle beats square.

Snake Pass Review: Be One With the Snake in This Fun Platform Puzzler

Although this game is a platformer, you won't find any jumping or running in Snake Pass.Luckily, there are no "lives" in Snake Pass, so you can start from a checkpoint as often as you fall off.

Jump for Joy with Bean's Quest!

The graphics for Bean's Quest are vibrant and incredibly reminiscent of an 8-bit or 16-bit platformer from the 1990s.The music by Flashy Goodness isn’t terribly memorable, but it has nice synth trumpet effects that you’d expect in a bigger game like Samba de Amigo.