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Help stop the 2D Flat Kingdom from becoming a 3D nightmare

The game's hero, Flat, is a shapeshifting master and can shift between circle, square and triangle.So, a square beats triangle, triangle beats circle and circle beats square.

Snake Pass Review: Be One With the Snake in This Fun Platform Puzzler

Although this game is a platformer, you won't find any jumping or running in Snake Pass.Luckily, there are no "lives" in Snake Pass, so you can start from a checkpoint as often as you fall off.

Jump for Joy with Bean's Quest!

The graphics for Bean's Quest are vibrant and incredibly reminiscent of an 8-bit or 16-bit platformer from the 1990s.The music by Flashy Goodness isn’t terribly memorable, but it has nice synth trumpet effects that you’d expect in a bigger game like Samba de Amigo.

Planet of the Eyes (PS4) Review -- I Have One Eye But I Must Dance

In Planet of the Eyes, you take the role of an unnamed service robot who has been stranded on the mysterious titular Planet of Eyes.The graphics of this game are gorgeous and really lend themselves to the strange world the developers have created.