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LUNA - The Shadow Dust poised for Kickstarter Success

With still a couple of days to go on their Kickstarter campaign, Lantern Studio and their beautiful game, LUNA - The Shadow Dust, has already reached its crowdfunding target.The game has been made using traditional frame-by-frame animation techniques and has no dialogue in it.

Jibanyan S and Komasan S appear in YO-KAI Watch: Wibble Wobble

A new challenger approaches in YO-KAI Watch: Wibble Wobble.and NHN PlayArt have implemented two new characters into the game: Jibanyan, a feline character, and Komasan, an intellectual.

Life Goes On: Done to Death review -- Death is only the beginning

If you're planning on picking up Life Goes On:  Done to Death, the newly released puzzle platformer by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment, get ready to die.In Life Goes On:  Done to Death, you'll need to use death to your advantage, bringing you one step closer to the finish line.

Myst Artist Launches Kickstarter for New Puzzle Adventure ZED

Acclaimed video game artist Chuck Carter (Myst, Command & Conquer, Nox) launched a new Kickstarter campaign this week for a new puzzle adventure game called ZED.He and his small Central Maine-based studio Eagre Games are hoping to crowdfund enough money to bring some more talent on board to take ZED into its final stage of development.

Face Your Childhood Fears in Little Nightmares

Sending out a cryptic tweet, we discovered that new project is entitled Little Nightmares.Originally remarking that they would show off their new IP at Gamescom, Bandai Namco started to hype things up with an interactive website for Little Nightmares.

Missing the Zeitgeist of Inside Wasn't an Issue for Me

Many people were swooning over Inside, with many saying it was amazing, and that it was a GotY contender.I was surprised, but I didn't feel like paying $15 on the Xbox One to play it.

Why The Sexy Brutale is a Masquerading Puzzle, Adventure Game You Should Be Playing

An adventure puzzle game, The Sexy Brutale is a zany title that has quickly made a name for itself.A wonderfully dark mystery, The Sexy Brutale takes players on unique and interesting adventure filled with intrigue and plenty of plot twists.

Puyo Tetris Battle... START!

Up until now, I haven't played a Tetris game for years but that changes today.I recently got my hands on Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Slayaway Camp - A Gruesome Call Back to 80's Slashers

But not all games have taken the traditional slasher tropes, and Slayaway Camp is one of them.The Slayaway Camp flicks are a parody of the Friday the 13th movies with Skullface being a parody of Jason Voorhees.

Death Squared is Coming to the Nintendo Switch with Exclusive Content

Couch co-op is going to get a little more frantic for Switch owners very soon, as SMG Studios' puzzler game Death Squared ports its way over to Nintendo's new console in Q2 of 2017.This release will also include brand new content that's not currently available on the PC, Xbox One, or PS4.