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Inside Looking To Be One of the Greatest Games of 2016

Indie puzzle-adventure game Inside is already being described as one of the greatest games of 2016, if not of our generation.2D-puzzle adventure game Inside comes out on the Xbox One tomorrow (and on PC July 7th), and the reviews are already rolling in.

Missing the Zeitgeist of Inside Wasn't an Issue for Me

Many people were swooning over Inside, with many saying it was amazing, and that it was a GotY contender.I was surprised, but I didn't feel like paying $15 on the Xbox One to play it.

7 Indie Gems That Need to Be Ported to Mobile Devices

With the ever-growing technology of mobile devices, and the rising popularity of mobile gaming, more and more indie games are finding a home on this platform.While puzzle games and basic platformers lend themselves well to mobile gaming, we've seen with recent mobile games like Mobius Final Fantasy that RPGs (and particularly turn-based RPGs) can work surprisingly well, too.