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Is Tempest the Pirate Game You've been Searching For?

It would be something of an unfair comparison to discuss Tempest alongside Sea of Thieves.It seems that there’s more fun to be had in Sea of Thieves, whilst Tempest is a little more subdued.

Pixel Piracy Review - Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Land ahoy!

What I am mainly referring to is hinted at in this review’s title -- the speech mechanics of the pirates.The captain yelled, “Land ahoy!

Sea Of Thieves: A Saving Grace For Xbox/Windows Exclusives?

Announced back in E3 2015 at Microsoft's conference, Sea of Thieves made quite the impression with its first trailer.Marketed as one of the Xbox One's main future exclusives, it initially looked like it was set to be one of the most visually and mechanically unique games for Microsoft's console.