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Biologists start sharing unpublished work—oh, the horror!

Many of them end up eventually appearing in academic journals, although others will spend their entire existence in the arXiv.Until recently, biology hadn't even managed to create anything that Elsevier would want to acquire.

Sciencing the Shit Out Mass Effect Weapons

I’m probably one of the few people in the universe who liked the basic mechanics of the original Mass Effect weapons.I believe that is one of the original tropes of shooters that was tired by the time that Mass Effect hit the scene.

Sciencing the Shit Out DOOM Double Jump

However, that bit of realism falls apart when we examine the rocket boots used for double jump.To find out why, we have to science the shit out of DOOM’s rocket boots.

If You Love MMOs, You Need to be Paying Attention to Worlds Adrift

There will be few traditional RPG elements in Worlds Adrift, this MMO is meant to be skill and knowledge based.Speaking of oblivion, everything in Worlds Adrift is permanent.