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LG G5 review: An interesting idea, shoddily executed

On paper, the LG G5 seems like a great device.And when you take a closer look, the LG G5 starts to disappoint.

Samsung Releases Injustice Batman-Themed Phone To Celebrate...Something?

In case you didn't play the Mortal Kombat-style DC Universe fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us when it came out three years ago, Samsung has got you covered with a brand new Galaxy S7 which bares the Dark Knight's insignia, has a few Waynetech style apps, and comes with both the Gear VR headset and the Android OS version of Injustice.Samsung is introducing its Batman-emblazoned Galazy S7 to China, Russia, America, Korea, and few other limited markets in June, just months after Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice put a really dour damper on Whatever The Next DC Film Was Going To Be: We're Sorry About Zack Snyder, and some three years after the Android version of Injustice was originally released.