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MLB The Show 16 Update Patch Notes 1.02 Available

Sony has released update patch 1.02 for MLB The Show 16.

Upcoming changes for Tom Clancy's The Division 1.1 Patch

The first major content update will be released for Ubisoft's, Tom Clancy's The Division, in the next few days!In this new patch they are including End-Game activities and character gear and gear sets with scores of 204 (level 32).

Hearthstone Twitter shows off new Old Gods game board

With Whispers of the Old Gods coming out in just a few days, Hearthstone developers have been going crazy (perhaps due to some darker outside influence?The new board draws inspiration from the classic Stormwind board that players have been using since the game's original release over two years ago.

Stellaris Clarke Patch Coming Soon!

Recently, Paradox Interactive released their newest strategy game, Stellaris, to the good folks of Steam.So they've been working on their first major patch to the game.

Changing It Up: Witcher 3 Patch 1.20 to Drop Soon

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt developer, CD Projekt Red, released the changelog for upcoming patch 1.In addition, the new patch makes the Player Statistics Panel easier to read and the Geralt model rotatable.

New Update for Star Fox Guard Released

Also included in the update are extensions to the time player-created robot squads and replay data are kept on Nintendo servers before facing deletion.Of course, it's not all buffs and boosts in Star Fox Guard's latest update.

Homefront: The Revolution Getting Performance and Stability Patches

Upon its release on May 17, Homefront: The Revolution had a number of issues that needed addressing by Deep Silver's Dambuster Studios.Many of these problems have indeed been noticed by the developers, and they're now working to resolve them through some performance and stability patches, according to a post on Homefront: The Revolution's official forums by community manager Craig Turner.

The Culling patch brings new Showdown feature

The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that will hinder teams in Free for All game play.The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that's going to be implemented soon.

ARK celebrates one-year birthday with in-game event and dinos in hats

To celebrate its birthday week, the game is getting a fresh update that includes new creatures, XP-buffing birthday cakes, and a new dragon boss fight.These organisms can severely debilitate their host with infections like "Swamp Fever", and require precision blade-work or an open flame to shake off.

Splatoon's 2.8.0 Update Details

0 adds new gear and weapons while fixing some glitches and map advantages.The popular third-person shooter for the Wii U, Splatoon, is getting a software update on June 8, 2016 with new weapons and gear plus adjustments to existing ones.

Path of Exile Content Update 2.3.0 and Prophecy Challenge Leagues Launches June 4

This update includes the "Prophecy Challenge League," which will be playable in both Standard and Hardcore modes, both with similar content.The "Prophecy Challenge League" will replace the "Perandus Challenge League," which was launched back in March 4 along with the Ascendancy expansion.

Skyrim: Special Edition Gets an Update to 1.4 Across All Platforms

The new features include additions to the mod catalog in the form of a new featured category, new mod sorting options, and a new mod rating system, just to name a few.

Dishonored 2 Just Got a Steam Update So Big That It's Classified as a Beta

Several months after its full release back in November 2016, Dishonored 2 is receiving its third new update for PC and Steam users today.A lot of things -- but the primary purpose is to clear up some bugs and other glitches that have burdened Dishonored players.

The Current State of Conan Exiles

The survival market is still an active consumer, and it was easy to see the pure potential that Conan Exiles was bringing to the table.Unfortunately -- as with many Early Access titles -- the $30 Conan Exiles had its fair share of issues on release.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.2 Patch Has Been Released

Now, Alpha 2.The new patch adds a multiplayer mega map to Arena Commander and Star Marine modes.

Everything You Need to Know about SWTOR Patch 5.2

2 may introduce the new story arch in the "War for Iokath," but the patch brings together new items, missions, and battles for players to delve into.The devs have also done minor bug fixes and corrected issues with features found in "Knights of the Eternal Throne.

StarCraft and Starcraft: Brood War are Free with Latest Patch

Earlier today Blizzard released patch notes for StarCraft: Brood War.In this press release there were several small additions and bug fixes.

Super Bomberman R Just Got a Huge Update

Since this action-maze game was released for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, players have complained about latency and other control issues.Version 1.