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Dial M for MOBA: Why battle arenas are replacing MMOs

Move over WoW - there's a new three letter word on the throne, and it isn't "kek".Why play "pretty close to WoW" when I could just spend my years in WoW?

Nvidia Game Ready Drivers - Ready for Battleborn, Overwatch, and more

This update aims to optimize Nvidia cards for the Forza Motorsport 6: Apex open beta, Overwatch open beta, the ongoing Paragon beta, as well as Battleborn.Being one of the most anticipated games of 2016, it is finally getting an open beta starting May 4th at 4pm PST.

New Hero Announced for Paragon

A brand new hero, Riktor, joins the fight as part of next Tuesday's update in Epic Game's Early Access MOBA, Paragon.This hero, a cyborg with a ton of range and an emphasis on stunning and crowd control, is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers melee or tank builds.