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Overwatch Competitive Mode to be Released in June

Several weeks after Blizzard's last-minute decision to suspend the Competitive play mode in Overwatch, a Q&A video was posted on the company's Facebook to talk a little bit more about the future of competitive play in the game.My rough commitment, or 'not-commitment,' would be sometime toward the end of June—middle to end of June.

Blizzard responds to explosion of Overwatch porn

The Legend of Zelda, the Halo series, Star Fox -- these are just some of the big names that have been totally reimagined as cartoon internet porn.And new contender has entered the arena, however -- an intellectual property that exploded on the internet in porn form before the game even came out.

Behind the Scenes Video of the Warcraft Movie

As World of Warcraft fans count down the days until the June 10th release of the movie Warcraft, the Warcraft Twitter feed has released a short behind-the-scenes stroll through the Alliance capitol, Stormwind.In the video, we join acclaimed designer and creator Chris Metzen as he experiences (in some awe and disbelief) the recreation of Stormwind.

Everything That Genji Can Actually Deflect

I've played very little Genji over other players simply because I've already got my hands full with enough characters.I'm sure I'll swing around to learning Genji proper at some point in the near future.

Overwatch Widowmaker Cosplay Brings The Sniper To Life

For many, Jannet Vinogradova is one of the undisputed queens of cosplay.She's made extremely meticulous and faithful recreations of an absolute myriad of characters from video games, films, cartoons, and anime.

This Website Shows Who the Pros Play in Overwatch

Planet Overwatch, founded and maintained by Benjamin "CaptainPlanet" Trautman, is a website dedicated to following the budding competitive Overwatch scene.Though this information is constructed from pre-release data, it still shows a lot about which characters Overwatch's best players tend to choose.

Overwatch Review: A true game-changer

So, here we are, after tantalizing us for months with numerous beta events, Blizzard’s first multiplayer shooter Overwatch is finally available for purchase.Being one of the most hyped releases of the year, you’ve probably been hearing about it everywhere; it is a Blizzard game after all.

OVERWATCH's McCree Nerf Is Imminent Says Designer

Principal Designer Geoff Goodman told PC Gamer that there could be a big change coming for the "overpowered" Overwatch gunsliger, forum Goodman wrote, “I've been watching McCree carefully since we've released.

Nerf Imminent For OVERWATCH's McCree Says Designer

Principal Designer Geoff Goodman told PC Gamer that there could be a big change coming for the "overpowered" Overwatch gunsliger, forum Goodman wrote, “I've been watching McCree carefully since we've released.

Kotaku's Ranking of Overwatch Characters Couldn't Be Further From the Truth

Kotaku is getting called out across the internet right now for riding the wave of Overwatch news upon its release by bringing forth a list of what they consider to be the best Overwatch characters from worst to best.To give you a little sense of what they're claiming they got the likes of: Soldier 76, Bastion and Torbjorn as the three WORST characters.

The First Person to Hit 100 in Overwatch

Now I thought I was playing a bit too much since the game released but this puts my shame to shame.With 13 hours of each day going into playing you have to wonder if he ever decided to stop in a moment of clarity.

Overwatch balance changes will be separate for PC and consoles

A recent tweet by the Overwatch official twitter confirmed that Blizzard’s popular new IP will be balanced separately on consoles and PC.He addressed concerns where they didn't want to harm the console experience with PC specific changes.

Overwatch Hitboxes are Weird

This doesn't truly matter that much in the grand scheme of things, until you're watching a Play of the Game where the arrow is completely off-mark and you're glaring at the screen for an undeserved kill.There's a notable difference between 'hitscan' and 'projectile' weapons.

Overwatch is Celebrating the Chinese New Year with a New Event

A tweet from the official Overwatch Twitter account has announced that the next event in the series will be focused on the Chinese New Year.Dubbed The Year of the Rooster, this event will be releasing next week on January 24, right before the actual Chinese New Year kicks off.

The 7 Best Overwatch Heroes for the Defensive Minded Player

Keeping this in mind these are the more effective characters in Overwatch to play with a defensive play-style.Everyone's worst nightmare during the beta and current distributor of player salt is the military mechanized Omnic Bastion.

Overwatch Motion Comic Retells Classic Story

And, to tie into the even, Blizzard has kindly released a new motion comic.Although brief, we do get some new information from them about the lore of Overwatch from them.

Winston: Imagination Is the Essence of Discovery

Despite being raised a world away from humanity, his belief in humanity's capacity for greatness exceeds most people's.He taught Winston everything he knows about science, he gave Winston all the bananas and peanut butter he could eat, and he even read stories to him.

7 Overwatch Skins that Don't Exist, But Should

(Seriously will I ever get a legendary Hanzo Skin or will he get yet more tattoo skins.Widowmaker skins that I would also like to see could are origins skins, such as her past life before being brainwashed.