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Nintendo hits creators of Zelda30Tribute with copyright claim

In Febrary 21, 1986, Nintendo released the first Legend of Zelda game in Japan and a few weeks ago, we celebrated its 30th anniversary.A few days ago -- on April 4th -- Zelda fans Scott and Mike published their fan made game Zelda30Tribute online.

FIFA 16 arrives on the EA Vault

FIFA 16 joins the EA Vault, making it the 19th game that is playable for free to subscribers of Origin Access.FIFA 16 is now the 19th EA title to be added to the Origin Vault on PC, joining the likes of Titanfall and the Banner Saga, which were added to the collection recently.

Soldier 76 Becomes A Hero In The Final Overwatch Short

The short animated films for Blizzard's Overwatch have been absolutely superb thus far.Well-acted and full of animation on par with a Pixar film, these shorts have provided a wonderful layer of backstory and mythology to the mysterious world of Overwatch's story.