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An objective look at Hearthstone's changes to basic cards

Following this news, Blizzard also released information regarding changes to cards that have been in the game since its initial release.Instead, we'll discuss how they affect the game's development and the card's associated class.

Why The Witcher 3 didn't completely win me over...

Although "The Witcher 3" is a great game, I have a lot of problems with the main quest.It was the feeling I had a day after completing the main quest that made me scratch my head.

Why you should be excited to play The King of Fighters XIV

If you're a fighting game fan you should be excited to play KOF XIV.The new King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV) will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 this August with great anticipation.

Is Heroes of the Storm's new ranked system really the best choice for the game's future?

Heroes of the Storm, while being a successful game in it's own right, has quite a lot of powerful contenders to compete against.This new system seems reminiscent of League of Legends' current system for advancement, but is it the right choice for Heroes of the Storm?

The world of Final Fantasy XV is gorgeous

Square Enix has released a new video showing the beauty of their new world, and it is their best work yet.For as long as I can remember, Final Fantasy has always been the series that I've expected to set a precedent for CG in gaming.

Guild Guide: How to help your guild get better at any game

I've talked about how to help your guild get better at World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.So before you start worrying about the group doing better, take the time to make sure that you're doing well.

Are Visual Novels Games?

The visual novel genre occupies a strange place in relation to video games and other forms of entertainment.And most visual novels, with a few exceptions, have very nothing that can really be called gameplay.

Guild Guide: How to grow permanently when dealing with a short-term population boom

But when you're in those games, these surges mean something.They show up, they talk about enjoying themselves, and then one day they're just.

No Man's Sky - A Personal Analysis of the PC Situation

No Man's Sky has released, finally, on PC.Sadly, for most people (not me thankfully) the PC port wasn't working very well -- even for people who had a way higher PC config than the minimum specs.

Why Guild Wars 2 Is (Still) Worth Playing

In Guild Wars 2, this is no longer a problem.Clearly, Guild Wars 2 was built to promote cooperation between players when fighting enemies and doing most of the game content.

Uncharted 4: How to Make the Multiplayer Even Better

As we sail to the 1 year mark since the acclaimed Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End launched, we can soon reminisce about Nate’s last adventure.Since the release of Uncharted 4 Naughty Dog has provided a steady stream of content for the multiplayer outlined in a road-map.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Mass Effect: Andromeda's Character Creation

You can modify close to every part of your character's face -- skin tone, brow, cheek, chin, eyes, mouth, and nose.Normally, you’d get to choose different options on facial features like different sets of eye shapes or different noses, etc.