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Square Enix Cancels Free-To-Play Legacy Of Kain Spinoff Nosgoth

Psyonix and Square Enix have announced that the free-to-play Legacy of Kain spinoff Nosgoth is bleeding out.“It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of sadness that we must announce the end of Nosgoth’s development,” the developer announced today.

Legacy of Kain spinoff Nosgoth is shutting down

The multiplayer game stemmed from a similar component included in Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, which was in development at Climax Studios.Square Enix canceled that game in 2012, after which it announced it was spinning off Nosgoth into its own release.

Nosgoth fails to release as beta shuts down

but has pulled the plug before it had the chance to leave beta after two an a half years of testing.A statement on their forums reads: “A massive amount of work has gone into making Nosgoth a reality, and continually bringing new developments to the game.