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Team Ninja's Nioh demo is now available

Today, publisher Koei Tecmo has released the alpha demo for the action title Nioh.The PlayStation 4 exclusive, developed by Team Ninja, is a samurai combat adventure that was originally announced 10 years ago.

Nioh boss guide: Onryoki

Because that's exactly what you get with Nioh, and all the controller-chucking frustration implied in that comparison.The first major boss, an oversized oni called Onryoki, is particularly going to give new players a hard time if they aren't familiar with the gameplay yet.

Nioh boss guide: Nue

Below we'll show you two different ways to take on second boss Nue.There's also more room to run around than in the previous boss fight, so you have a better shot at staying out of range of Nue's lightning breath attack.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Review

I long for the day an Onimusha game releases once more--rising from the ashes and unleashing a torrent of Genma into the world once again.As a child, one of the most memorable games I've ever played on the PS2 was Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.

A Comprehensive List of 11 JRPGs Coming to the US This Year

It's a good year for video games, with games like Resident Evil, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Zelda Breath of the Wild coming out.Let me tell you about the JRPGs which are coming to the States this year.

Nioh: Refining Overly Difficult Games with Better Combat and a New Setting

After the rebooted Resident Evil 7 just a scant few weeks ago, Nioh is easily one of the first truly anticipated console games of 2017.Despite being a feudal Japanese-focused game, Nioh's main character is the curiously European pirate William, who also happens to be a weapons master with some magic powers.

Nioh DLC, Dragon of the North, Launches Next Week

Just when you thought that peace is finally restored in Japan through your brave efforts in completing the original campaign.we now begin to hear troubling rumours that the One-Eyed Dragon is secretly gathering spirit stones, setting a stage for more unrest and mayhem to take hold.