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10 Things You Might've Not Known About Super Mario 64

In fact, Super Mario 64 only ran in 32-bits.Speaking of the GameCube, there was an early tech demo in 2000 for it titled Super Mario 128, which showed off 128 Marios running around a circular board.

Why Zelda: Breath of the Wild Being on Wii U is Bad for the Switch

But in the midst of all the pre-release chaos, the company also gave an update on the state of its last console, the Wii U.But the announcement that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the final Wii U game is big news for those who are hoping to play Wii U titles via virtual console on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Not Having Netflix For Launch is No Big Deal

The latest news for the Nintendo Switch has revealed that there will be no Netflix or any streaming services available on the console at launch.While it’s disappointing that these services won’t be available at the start, it really is not a very big deal.

Capcom Says It Has No Plans To Bring Resident Evil 7 To Nintendo Switch

Bad news for Resident Evil fans hoping for a Nintendo reunion: Capcom has stated it isn't happening anytime soon.The newest installment in the survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 7, comes out this Tuesday for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

What Exactly Does TouchSense Haptic Feedback Add to the Switch?

And while touchscreen controls are nothing new, Immersion's new technology can bring console quality touchscreen games into the public market.For example, the slight vibration the user feels when moving icons, on either iOS or Android smartphones is a type haptic feedback.

Fantasy Life: The Review

I have really enjoyed playing Fantasy Life.There are also so many different ways to play as you can focus on one career or many.

Here Are All the Pros and Cons of the Switch We Know So Far

After the disaster that was the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch looks set to put Nintendo back on the map, alongside its competitors.The Switch's controller takes a giant leap back (or forward?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Wrapping up the Legacy of the Wii U

Designating players different roles with disparate styles of play is something unique to the Wii U.The Wii U, on the other hand, has nearly a dozen first party Nintendo titles that are pivotal examples of how local multiplayer should be handled.

The Hero's Steed: A Brief History of Epona

Since the Hero of Time’s foray into the 3D realm, his trusty steed Epona has become an essential icon of the Zelda series.The addition of a rideable horse in Ocarina of Time changed the way Zelda games are played permanently.

Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner Tips and Tricks

There is a lot to know when you start playing, especially if you have never played a Fire Emblem game before.These are challenges you can complete to get items like leveling crystals and and orbs used to summon new characters.

Pokemon Duel is the Best Smartphone Game by Nintendo, So Why is Nobody Talking About it?

Then, recently, Nintendo dropped Super Mario Run, a runner game starring Nintendo's main man, Mario.And just recently, the world was introduced to Fire Emblem Heroes, a mini-bite sized version of Fire Emblem featuring heroes from every game, taking part in four on four battles.

Grab The New Big Pokemon Minecraft Mod Before It Gets DMCA'd

Other than maintaining the distinguished Minecraft blocky graphics, Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst resembles everything you would expect from a main entry Pokemon game.The game features a full new set of 131 original Pokemon, a brand new region, and an original story.

What's The Verdict on Fire Emblem Heroes? Small, but Mighty

A week after its release, Fire Emblem Heroes continues to captivate players around the world with its charming characters and strategic gameplay.With an extensive cast of heroes spanning multiple titles, Fire Emblem Heroes is an adequate game for newcomers and veterans alike.

Nintendo Switch Will Bring Back the Wired LAN Party with Splatoon 2

The release of the Nintendo Switch is fast approaching.This past weekend, during the announcement of a Splatoon 2 "Global Testfire" event, Nintendo also announced that the Switch will have a wired LAN mode.

Get Ready For Splatoon's Beta on These Dates

Early adopters of the Nintendo Switch system will be able to participate in a “Global Testfire” for Splatoon 2 from March 24-26.The Testfire event is Nintendo’s way of giving players a sneak peek at the new features available in the game, along with stress-testing the servers for stability.

Nintendo Switch OS Leaked (Screenshots & Video)

An anonymous user leaked a video today briefly showcasing the operating system of the upcoming Nintendo Switch on vid.Navigating through the different options on the operating system is seamless -- taking less than a second to load after each click.