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Underlord - coming to Dota on August 23rd

On August 23rd, 2016 the final original hero who is known as 'Vrogos, the Underlord' will finally being added to Dota 2.Unfortunately, we were unable to witness a cheesy backdoor attempt using the hero's teleport, Dark Rift, to teleport his team to an invisible Broodmother lurking the Radiant base.

New Overwatch Character, Orisa, Delivers Mechanical Death

Today Overwatch rolled out its new patch, alongside the new hero Orisa.The Fusion Driver itself has an extremely high rate of fire, and an ammo capacity of 150 bullets before needing to be reloaded.

Diablo II Amazon Cassia to Join Heroes of the Storm

Hailing back to the Amazon character from Diablo II, this highly-requested champion will be joining the fray later this month.In Blizzard's Hero Spotlight video for Cassia, we learn that she'll be a ranged assassin who excels against auto-attacking heroes.

Blizzard Drops Huge Teaser For Overwatch's Next Hero

Earlier today, Blizzard updated Overwatch's official website with a fictional news post revealing numerous story details regarding the game's long-anticipated next hero, Doomfist.Reaper, current Overwatch hero and agent of the shadowy Talon organization in the game's lore, reportedly entered the facility and managed to free the one and only Akande Ogundimu, AKA Doomfist.