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Introducing Master X Master: Check out their Kickoff Stream!

You should check out Master X Master, a new action MOBA that sets itself apart with its unique Tag System and a PVE mode.I know you're busy with playing League of Legends, Dota, SMITE, and Heroes of the Storm, or just sick of MOBAs in general, but I'm here to bring another competitor to the table: Master X Master.

First 4 characters for new MOBA Master X Master revealed

As Master X Master is preparing, they are introducing their Masters every few weeks.While Overwatch may still be on top of everyone's list of games to play, Master X Master, a new MOBA, is still working hard to get players excited about it.

Innowin and Mondo Zax joins the MXM Team

Following up on the last Master X Master post, the developers have released two more Masters to the roster.The first is Innowin, another original for MXM, while the second is Mondo Zax from the world of WildStar.

BnS Buddy is Fixed Now

It is essential for many players to enjoy the game with good FPS.Due to a recent NCSoft update, BnS Buddy wasn't working.