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The British Government is backing an Olympian eSports push

Ed Vaizey, the secretary for culture, announced the International eGames Committee (IEGC) at an eSports summit in Britain.The non-profit organization will be advised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a similar committee to SASCOC in South Africa.

League of Legends' Taric has received a glorious overhaul

After a week of teasing, Riot have finally unveiled the new Taric.His entire kit has been replaced with something far more up-to-date, and infinitely more fabulous.

It's "hard as hell" to avoid killing in Vampyr

Fortunately, DONTNOD’s upcoming Vampyr is rising from the crypt to take over that bloodlust that I’m experiencing.Death is a big theme within Vampyr, as players can choose to indulge in a homicidal spree if they choose or stick to the shadows.

PVP is getting a big tweak in Destiny next week

That also happen to have a higher light level as well, and some sickass gear to boot.Anyway, Bungie is hoping to revive some interest in their waning space opera with an update next week.

Episode 76: Customizing Link, Metal Gear Sheik, and Caring About More Than The Game ft. PaperBoxHouse and Caleb!

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After standoff with Congress, White House robs Ebola fund to pay for Zika

On Wednesday, after a two-month-long impasse, the White House announced that $510 million of the $2.7 billion earmarked to battle Ebola would be transferred to the Zika fight.

SpaceX says cargo launch ready, hopes to “nail the landing” this time

Koenigsmann estimated that only about one-third to one-half of SpaceX flights with the Falcon 9 rocket will have enough fuel margin to return to land.The company is also closely watching Friday's launch because it marks only the third flight of its upgraded Falcon 9 rocket.

OK, panic—newly evolved ransomware is bad news for everyone

And now it's to the point where if you've got files, you're targeted.At least so far, there's also little fear of law enforcement tracking ransomware operators down.

The passionate gamer's guide to talking about eSports

Honestly, most of us who share the passion for eSports can talk for hours about the topic.Most of the time your interested party won’t be too interested in every small detail about the origins, the players, the teams, etc.

Dealmaster: Get a Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop with Core i7 processor for $579

Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains, we have a bunch of good deals to close out the work week.Now you can get a Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop with Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM for only $579.

Players can now be the Zed in Killing Floor 2's new PvP mode

Can the Human team make it through all the waves – or can the Zed team stop them before they get to the end?I imagine this new Killing Floor 2 PvP mode will play similarly.

Aboard HMS Cavalier, where Wargaming is battling to shape the future of VR films

Its first VR outing was Virtually Inside Tanks, and it followed that with a 360-degree 1941 battle re-enactment, a neat proof-of-concept for where the studio wants its VR ambitions to end up.Oh, and documentarian-cum-historian Dan Snow as a presenter, of course, alongside British Army veteran Richard Cutland, who brings expertise on things like weapons.

Warner Bros. Keeping Closer Eye On The Justice League Movie After Batman vs Superman Reception

After Batman vs Superman did not receive the universal praise that it could have gotten, Warner set to be more hands-on with the first Justice League movie coming out next year.

AOTF Podcast #25: The Division Giveaway, VR Disaster, Dark Souls 3 Hate, and Xbox NeXt

After a bit of a hiatus, the AOTF Podcast is back with the long awaited Episode #25.There were also a ton of rumors to go over this week, with the Xbox NeXt, PS4.